Saturday, July 26, 2014

July Shopping

I'm not sure how July is almost over, but it is time for Budgeting Bloggers again.  My July shopping adventures were as follows.  I ordered a few things online from JCF, and then had to return these shorts, which led to buying a few more things in the store.  I went to Old Navy specifically to get the black shorts, and they were having a pretty great accessories sale.  I got the belt, because my other cognac belts fit my natural waist, and are a bit too tight when I try to wear them with pants.  Elastic is the answer.  The flag scarf was a present from my sister, so we could all match for the 4th. In Indy, I picked up the J.Crew skirt and a few things at the Gap.  And finally, I found the elusive perfect pink blazer when I was dropping off some items at the consignment shop. 

Here's the official list of what I got:

Yellow stripe oxford: $4 (originally $50) (exact in purple, yellow gingham option) (worn here)
Green space dyed tank: $6 (originally $23)

J.Crew Factory:
Pink Popover: $18 (originally $65) (exact)
Blue Cardigan: $15 (originally $55) (exact) (worn here)
Pink Cardigan: $10 (originally $55) (exact)
Navy Scarf: $6 (originally $35) (exact)
Chambray Popover: $18 (originally $68) (exact)

Navy Maxi Skirt: $22 (originally $90) (exact) (worn here)

Old Navy
Flag Scarf: gift (similar, similar) (worn here)
Black Shorts: $10 (originally $22) (exact) (worn here)
Gold knot necklace: $4 (originally $10) (worn here)
Gold stack rings: $3 (originally $8)
Leaf ring: $3 (originally $7)
Skinny belt: $6 (originally $15)

Gap Pink Knit Blazer secondhand via Absolutely Her:  $12 (originally $80) (option, option) (worn here)

Spent: $137 (originally $515)

I'm still under budget for the year (by exactly $7.72), but I'd like to be more under budget.  I'm going to try to avoid the end of summer sales temptations and keep my shopping in August minimal.  How'd you do in July?       


  1. You got a lot of great things this month. I broken both my shoe and clothes ban this month.

  2. Ooooh! The green tank is such a pretty color! And I really like your blue cardigan as well. I used to have a cardigan in that color, but it got a hole in the sleeve and I had to get rid of it. I wore that thing constantly, though, and have been looking for a replacement ever since...ah!

    I've been doing well with not shopping! I have gotten a few things, but they've all fit within my parameters of my year of no shopping (aka some new workout clothes that were on clearance, and I used a gift card to get a few blouses for work). Not too shabby!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how you style the pink blazer. You wear colors so well. I actually have no idea how I did in july right now. It's been one of those long/short months. So long you can't remember what happened in the beginning and so short that you can't believe it's already over.

  4. I haven't put together my July budget yet, but I know it's super high right now (with a stack of things I ordered online needing to be returned). I really like the green tank, and I also like how all these items seem to go together! And a $4 shirt?! Nice!!

  5. That blazer was a good find! And I like your pink popover and yellow button up. You did a great job this month. Good luck with your goals in August!

  6. It looks like you got a lot of really great staples! That pink blazer is to die for!

  7. The sales this month were crazy! And you got some great items! I'm hoping to keep August spending down by waiting for real fall sales...

  8. Yeeeah I spent a lot in July. It was the last month of my "yearly" budget and I had over $500 left. I did not spend even half of it but it was definitely more than I have been lately! The JCF sales got me too! You made out great this month, this is a lot of stuff for a reasonable overall total. I wear my black Old Navy shorts several times a week, seriously, they are so perfect.

  9. Lots of great basics - loving that chambray popover! Also, I don't usually gravitate towards pink, but I could make an exception for that hot pink blazer! :)