Wednesday, July 2, 2014


If I happened to meet an actual snake, I'd probably try to flee the premises as quickly as possible.  But snakeskin print on clothing, I'm good with that.  I've worn this skirt twice without taking pictures.  I tend to grab it when I'm in a hurry, because it's comfortable and looks like I tried a bit.  I'd highly recommend getting a stretchy pencil skirt in a fun black and white pattern.  Or three.  I happen to love my striped and polka dot options, as well as this new snakey print.

In other news, I'm hopping on a plane after work today and heading to Indiana to see my family.  My dad's side is having a big family reunion starting Sunday, so I'm going early to hang out with my more immediate family before everyone else arrives.  I'm sure I'll be instagramming obnoxious selfies with my nieces over the next few days.  You're welcome.

Cardigan: Gap outlet (similar)
Top: Gap (similar, similar)
Skirt: H&M (exact)
Flats: Target (same without patent captoe)
Pearls: China (similarsimilar)


  1. That is super cute! Have a safe trip :)

  2. I like the snakeskin and green together! Stretchy pencil skirts are the best! They look dressy, but are so comfortable! Have fun in Indiana!

  3. Have fun on your trip! And I am loving this skirt for many reasons, snake-skin prints are definitely my favorite animal print. I am seriously thinking about getting this skirt (ack and it's on sale!)

    1. Crud... but not in my size =( oh well!

  4. I'm glad you snapped a pic this time! It's such a great print and looks perfect with the green and black. Hope you have a great time at the reunion!

  5. Ummm love the skirt, happy to see our little iron friend in the background, and the green cardigan is perfect with this skirt. Also, I decided I want to start a new Instagram series called "What the hellfies?" Take a selfie in front of something that makes you wonder, "what the hell?" I tried so hard to get a "what the hellfie?" in front of this absurdly creepy clown in Myrtle Beach. It was too crowded. Next time. Next time.

  6. That cardigan looks great against your skin tone and I love how dressy the color is. My favorite place for snake skin is on shoes, but this skirt looks so good on you and is so flattering. I might give it a shot!

  7. this is why i love patterned skirts so much! they just give off the vibe that you are really coordinated even if you don't feel it because the great print does all the work and all you have to do is pick a color and find a matching top! you look awesome in this snakeskin print, andi!

  8. "It's comfortable and looks like I tried" - pieces like that are the BEST! I really like how you styled this skirt, Andi - the green looks wonderful with the snakey print! :)