Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Confident Twosday

It's Tuesday, which means I'm linking up with Laura for her Confident Twosday party.  And this week is extra special, because she asked me to co-host!  Whoo!

I've been thinking about confidence, since that's the whole theme of the linkup.  I've never considered myself to be a super confident person, but I pretty regularly have people tell me I must be confident to wear whatever bright colors or crazy patterns.  That may be a back-handed compliment, but I'll take it.  The more I've thought about it, I guess I agree with them.  I don't walk around feeling super confident all the time, but I also don't spend very much time worrying about my flaws.

It seems like there's a trend recently towards celebrating different body types, and I think that's good.  What I don't like is that it sometimes swings too far, and we get into the "real women have curves" type comments.  So I would like to say that yeah, sometimes real women have curves, and sometimes real women have angles, and sometimes we are short or tall or medium, or whatever.  I don't buy into the "everyone is perfect" thing.  I'm more on the "everyone has their own set of flaws" side of things.  We've all got to work with what we've got.  So I probably need to lose a few (well, more than a few) pounds, but right now I'm a little bit fat.  And that's okay.  

And here's a SUPER HELPFUL definition of "self confidence" from Merriam Webster: confidence in oneself.  Wow, I never would have guessed that.  Isn't there supposed to be a rule that you can't use the word to define itself?  Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of defining things? 

Anyway, link up below!  And I'd love to hear your thoughts about confidence! 

Cardigan: H&M (similar)
Dress: Loft Outlet (option,option)
Belt: Steve Madden (similar)
Necklace: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: Target (exact)

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  1. Merriam Webster gets a D in my book, but you, my dear, get an A+! I could not have said it all better myself! And you are looking so chic in your pretty maroon dress! I certainly never mean your pattern mixing and color combos as a back handed compliment. I love your bold style!

  2. Love that dress on you! It looks so comfy too - which is a definitely plus in my book!
    Linked up too!

  3. I think as long as you feel good about yourself. That all that matter. Also I love seeing you rock all you pattern and colors.

  4. Amen, sister! I've been working a lot on self-acceptance lately. I've come a long ways but I still struggle sometimes...particularly when it comes to body issues. I'm really glad that you feel confident enough to wear your really fun outfits :)

  5. I always tell my students you can't use the word in it's definition! And I completely agree with you. I don't think everyone is perfect, because I don't think anyone is perfect. It's strange but having the blog has led me to be more "okay" with how I look. Not necessarily super confident, but it's a serious improvement from the insecurities I used to have. But then the seamstress told me last week that I need to lose 5 lbs by the wedding or my dress won't fit right. Blurgh.

  6. Haha what a dumb definition! But I think you hit the nail on the head. We all have our own flaws and insecurities and it is a struggle sometimes but we should know deep down what works best for us or what makes us feel comfortable and run with it! And I absolutely love the color of your dress and I think you look fantastic!

  7. I would definitely say I see you as confident. I love this colors combo here!

  8. You are so great, Andi! I love your attitude about the whole confidence thing. Goodness knows I wrestle with confidence allllll the days, but it's definitely a work in progress. (Also, I really hate the "real women have curves" saying. All of us are real women, curvy, or stick straight, or in between...the idea that a woman's shape defines her woman-ness makes me all ragey!!!)

    And....you look AMAZING in this dress! What a great color for you! It looks awesome with your hair color! I'm so glad you took a chance on this dress, even if it is maroon ;)

  9. hahahah real women have angles. Yes they do. I really hate extremes of anything. Yeah, super skinny isn't what we should strive for, but morbidly obese isn't something we should praise either. I'm sorry, I would rather just be healthy.

    Maybe self-confidence is more about not worrying about your flaws. I mean, those are the days when I feel the best. That's at least my take on confidence. (Although there's something to be said for those days when you feel fabulous, but I say that should have more to do with accomplishing goals and things to take pride in rather than putting together a cute outfit.)