Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Favorites - Denim Jacket

First of all, thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my post from yesterday.  I actually woke up at about 4am and thought I should stop the post from going live, because it just made me nervous!  I have no idea why it seemed like such a big deal.  Anyway, I'm so glad I've got that out there now. And we can move on to more fun topics!  

Like Third Thursday Threads with Bri!  I'll be honest, I am not one of the "HOORAY IT'S FALL!!!!" types of girls.  I don't even like pumpkin flavored anything.  While I love actual fall weather, it's only leading to the depths of winter, which I would like to avoid as long as possible.  So you won't see me reaching for boots the first time the temperature is below 65.  My boots will get plenty of attention almost every day from November-March,  For now, my fall strategy is trying to wear my summery items as long as possible.  One of my trusty tricks is the denim jacket.  It's a heavy-enough layer to get me through the cool mornings, and it looks good with most of my skirts and dresses.  Everyone wins.  Except boots.  They have to wait.    

I think last year, I avoided tights until late November.  I'm hoping I can do the same thing this year, but it's gotten cooler in September than normal, so I don't know what that means for the rest of fall.  

Ooh, and remember next week is SKIRT WEEK!  So you can link up with Inge and me with your fun skirts (and boring skirts, I guess).    

Jacket: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Shirt: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Skirt: Gibson&Latimer (similarsimilar)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory (exact)

Yikes, that's a lot of JCF!  Can you tell it's my new favorite place to shop?


  1. And thank you for saying this too... I've never had a pumpkin spice latte and never intend to, so all this fall bloggy stuff drives me a little nuts sometimes :) Luckily denim jackets are an absolute favorite year-round staple in my life - and I really love how it perfectly complements and dresses down your pencil skirt and blouse. Plus the personality in the dots - what a fun yet sophisticated outfit!

    1. Oh, and I am the SAME way on boots - I have some cute new ankle boots but I refuse to wear them anytime soon. It's all flats while I can still pull them off temperature-wise, because I know there will be more than enough boots-wearing days and by the end of winter I will HATE them.

  2. I am definitely going to be recreating this outfit soon! It's very cute! And I'm really trying to hold off on boots and tights, but I am weakling and always cold so we shall see how long that lasts!

  3. I wish I had your's always healthy to live in the moment. But I just can't help myself from looking forward to tights :)

  4. I'm not a huge fan of fall either. I'm a summer girl all the way. I can't wait for skirt week. I plan on breaking out some of my new skirt.

    I'm hosting BBCA( blogging for breast cancer awareness. Stop by my blog to read more about it and let me know If you would like to know.

  5. I have to admit - I do love fall... HOWEVER - It. Is. Still. Summer. People. It's summer until September 21.... of course, I wish someone would tell the weather in Ontario that it's still summer. It's supposed to be 2 degrees (that's Celcius) tomorrow morning. So I've definitely already been wearing my boots.

    All that said - I also love this outfit! It's so classy and, dare I say - classic? 3 classic pieces that can probably be mix/matched a thousand ways. I love it.
    I'm dreading putting my summer clothes away (they only get like 4 months of love tops each year!) and trying to make them work as long as possible.

    PS - Can't wait for skirt week! First half of my week will be a little thrown off, but I'm hoping to link up lots!

  6. I used to live in Texas, so fall to me was no big deal. But boy is there a sudden change here in the northeast---I'm kind of excited for sweater weather. Also, I have yet to buy myself a denim jacket but I would love one in the color that you're wearing---so true blue and versatile.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  7. I pretty much avoid tights as much as possible. There are only a couple days that I would absolutely NEED to wear them around here, so I guess I live in the right climate.
    I was all about my denim jacket a few months ago, but you've reminded me that it's pretty much the ideal fall layer. Good thinkin'.

  8. I remember having a pumpkin spice latte in college and loving it, and then I had it last year or the year before and it made me want to vom. I literally went back to the barista to make sure that they got my order right (or that I ordered the right think). I do enjoy me some pumpkin pie, though. Also, I remember you being able to hold off not wearing tights. I wasn't able to avoid that as I taught in the morning, but now I only have afternoon classes so there's more hope!

  9. yes, let's start a campaign to determine what the big deal is with pumpkin-flavored what have you. i don't get it either. but i do get the denim jacket and i LOVE it! i need to pull mine out from the back of my closet and recreate a similar look. i love this!

  10. I'm definitely not one of those "OMG FALL YOU GUYS PUMPKIN AND BOOTS AND FOOTBALL AND EVERYTHING IS PERFECT" girls, but I definitely love the fall. It just has so many happy memories for me! And I am a total pumpkin girl, but that's purely because my mom makes the most incredible pumpkin bread that I grew up on. But I don't wait until the fall to eat pumpkin...I eat it all year round, haha!

    And I totally, TOTALLY love this outfit. You are so pretty, Andi!

  11. Ahh I've been totally neglecting my black pencil skirt, and I have no idea why! I think I tend to gravitate to it more during the cold, winter months. And I'm with you, no tights until absolutely necessary!