Thursday, September 11, 2014

Survey Results

The first rule of developing a survey is to decide what you want to accomplish with the data.  I did not do this before creating my blog reader survey.  So what am I going to do with the data?  Well, mostly just say "Hmm, that's interesting" and then go on my way.  I do really appreciate everyone taking the time to offer some feedback.  And I'm going to share the results, just in case you all are interested in who else is reading this blog!

Demographic information was as follows:
  • There is exactly 1 male reader who took the survey (Hi Dad!)
  • 50% of my readers are 21-29, 33% are 30-39.  I've got zero 40somethings, and then a handful over 50 (again, Hi Mom and Dad!).  I also have 1 respondent under the age of 17, but I'm suspicious that my niece was helping my sister fill out the survey.  I don't think she actually reads my blog!
  • Clothing budgets are also similar to my own.  50% are spending less than $50/month.  25% are in the $50-99 range, and 25% are spending $100-200

Blog-related topics:
  • 70% of readers also have a blog.  
  • 60% found me through another blog, while 22% know me in real life, and 18% don't remember.  
  • 60% of you keep up using some kind of reader, like Bloglovin, Feedly.  This pretty much lines up with those who say they read anytime something new is posted.  
  • I was surprised that 40% just check directly.  How do you remember??  
Favorite topics - this is a question I should have asked differently.  By putting these topics in order, I have no idea if you all hate book reviews, or just like them a little bit less than outfit related posts.  I really like writing book reviews, so I'm going to keep doing it.  Here are the topics in order, from most to least favorite
  1. Outfit of the Day - this makes sense.  If you don't like OOTD posts, you probably won't be reading!  
  2. Clothing Item Remix - I've been neglecting these lately.  I'll have to start back up.
  3. Theme Weeks
  4. Personal Updates
  5. Book Reviews
And finally, my favorite part of the whole survey - open-ended comments.  Since the survey was anonymous, I don't know who said what unless you gave it away in the comments.  

For these 3 comments, I say: THANKS!  I am glad you like it!
  • Awesome survey Andi! I always enjoy reading what you write, too. It always makes me laugh!
  • Enjoy reading your blog daily.
  • I love your blog Andi! I am always on the lookout for fashion bloggers that are open and honest about their personal style and their fashion darts and laurels. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep reading!
For these 3 comments, I say: Man, my real life people are goofy!  Especially that little riddle from my niece.     
  • I'm your mom. And I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
  • YOU ROCK ANDI. I love you!! PS - I'm sitting next to you right now IN REAL LIFE. BOOM!
  • I'm near you but not usually. I love you but I'm not John. I'm small & young
For this comment, I say:  Do I know this?  I have no idea who wrote this comment.  I may or may not heart you too.  
  • I <3 you. But you already know this!
And finally, one person had a question: 
  • What is your favorite thing about blogging?
To that, I say:  It has changed over time.  When I first started (and had pretty much zero readers), my favorite thing was having a creative outlet.  I had totally been in a rut with my style, and the blog helped me get out of that.  I also really love writing, so it was fun to have a little daily excuse to write something.  Now, I still like those aspects, but my favorite thing is my blogging friends.  I've met a couple of you, and would love to meet others.  Even though we live across the country from each other, I feel like I know these amazing women who make me laugh on a daily basis, and also offer up some pretty fantastic style inspiration.  

Phew!  Was that post wordy enough for everyone?   


  1. How did I miss that you were having a survey?? Life! Getting all up in the way of reading your blog. I think it's adorable that your dad reads your blog!

  2. Interesting! I mean I am sure you aren't surprised by many of the things, but it is still fun to read! And I loved the comments!

  3. Honestly, I don't read your book reviews, mostly because I don't have time to read anything but what school requires me to read. Buuut I was thinking about it the other day, and if and when I ever do have time, I'm coming here to go through your reviews to pick some out. I would hope you keep doing them, since you seem to enjoy them. Plus I do like when we've both read something and then you snark on it. (I'm just saying, Eat Pray Love wasn't that bad!)

    Oh, and my husband and I have it on our bucket list to go to the Omaha Zoo. If/when that happens, I will let you know! It might be sometime in the next 12 months!

  4. True about the topic rankings, something has to come last even if it's something you still enjoy. I like reading your book reviews! I remember when I first started following blogs, and didn't know about the readers, I would visit directly. I had a subcategory in my favorites and I would just click down through the list. But that's much easier to do when you are only following a few blogs.

  5. I find it sweet that your family reads your blog. I so need to get one of these survey in the works.

  6. I loved reading the results. I was surprised by how many have me book mares too. But before I blogged I had a handful of daily favorites and didn't know anything about bloglovin.