Friday, July 24, 2015

Babies Everywhere

Last week, Tuesday was spent visiting some friends with new babies!  It was one of the 90+ degree days so I wore as little as possible while still being decent!

First up, I introduced my kid to his new BFF, who was about 4 days old at the time and about half the size of my giant 2 month old.  You can tell the boys are thrilled to meet each other.

Then in the evening, John and I went to the hospital to meet this sweet girl who was just about 18hours old.  Again, babies are so excited to meet each other.  We joked that this was their first date, but neither of them said anything, so it was pretty awkward.  

My two-month-old looked like a giant next to these newborns!  Then this week we had dinner with one of my friends from elementary school who was driving through town, and her 9-month-old made mine look teensy again.  I felt like I was looking into my future!  

I'm pretty thrilled to have friends with babies so close in age.  It will be so fun to watch them grow up and hopefully become friends!

Tank & shorts: Loft 
Sandals: Target


  1. Congrats to all your friends on having babies. Have a great weekend

  2. All the babies! That will be so much fun when they're all a little older and can actually play together.

    I love the pattern on your shorts. I agree. It's been too hot for clothes lately.

  3. Babies everywhere. Seriously.

    Your baby is such a stud. At least he's getting the awkward dates out of the way now. (that awkward date comment made me laugh out loud!)

  4. That's so cool that your son will grow up with your friends' kids - built in play dates for the kids AND the parents, right? I'm with Kate - your awkward date comment made me laugh out loud!!!