Thursday, July 30, 2015

Budget Rewind - July 2014

July 2014 was a good shopping month, I think.  As I review these items, I'm pretty happy with everything!  Some of my counts are funky, because I got pregnant in August, and certain things didn't fit for the last 10 or so months.

Gap Green space dyed tank: $6 - items like this are funny, because I wear it a lot, but very rarely end up taking pictures.  But I really love tank tops with some interest, so I can just wear them with shorts and feel somewhat put together.  
JCF Blue Cardigan: $15 and JCF Pink Cardigan: $10 - I love the Clare Cardigans from JCF.  I wear both of these all the time.  
JCF Chambray Popover: $18 - I already had this, but bought it in a bigger size, since I'd gained some weight.  I actually like having the 2 different sizes.  
Old Navy Black Shorts: $10 - basic shorts, I wear them a lot.  
Old Navy Gold knot necklace: $4 - simple necklace that I thought was pretty.  I wore it a lot in the fall, and still wear it sometimes.  
Old Navy Gold stack rings: $3 - I mostly wore the "pearl" one, but it's starting to deteriorate.  I like the other 2, so I bet I will keep wearing them.  
Old Navy Skinny belt: $6 - good for when I want to wear a belt a little lower.  My other cognac belts fit around my natural waist, but this one fits anywhere, because it's stretchy!  
Gap Pink Knit Blazer:  $12 - favorite purchase of the month!  A pink blazer had been on my wishlist for years, so I was really pumped to find this one at my local consignment shop.  I've worn it a lot, and I think knit blazers will continue to be a closet staple for me.

JCF Navy Scarf: $6 - I think my scarf-wearing days are maybe dwindling a bit?  Is anyone else feeling this way?  Or am I just anti-scarf right now because it's so hot out and I'm not working in an air conditioned office?  Anyway, I've probably worn this at least 6 times, but I doubt I'd miss it if I had left it behind.  
Gap Yellow stripe oxford: $4 - I've blogged it once, and not entirely sure if I've worn it any other times (surely I have?).  But it was $4, and I think I'll wear it again in the fall.  
JCF Pink Popover: $18 - probably a silly purchase, but I love my other popovers, and I love pink, so I got it.  I think I'll wear it more this fall and winter.  
J.Crew Navy Maxi Skirt: $22 - this is on the low side of the medium category.  I'd been wanting a maxi skirt, but don't love the knit ones.  I'd also been wanting a navy skirt.  So when I found this one at J.Crew, and it was only $22, I grabbed it.  I wore it 4 times before it got too tight around my pregnant belly.  I've worn it just once this summer.  Maybe I'll wear it more into the fall?  
Old Navy Flag Scarf: gift- not sure if I should count this, since I didn't actually buy it, but it's on the collage, so I might as well.  I really like this scarf, and it was fun to match with my sister and nieces on the 4th of July last year.  But... I haven't worn it since then.  I was going to try to wear it this year on the 4th, but it was just way too hot.  As far as patriotic gear goes, this is probably as festive as I will get.  And depending on how it's tied, you can't necessarily tell it's the flag. 

Old Navy Leaf ring: $3 - I've probably worn this 3 times, but I don't really like it that much anymore.  For cheap jewelry, I'd like to get the cost per wear down to pennies, so I consider this one a fail.

I'll have to play around with ideas for how I can wear my medium items more!  


  1. gasp! i thought i was the only one who started giving up on scarves. in theory, i love them, but i feel like they're silly. it must be a heat thing. let's revisit the conversation when it's under 60 degrees.

  2. I'm hit and miss on scarf. I really like turning them in to vest.

  3. I've been thinking the same thing about scarves, which is a problem because I have a lot of them (and just bought two more, eep.) But I'm thinking it's the weather too. Once fall and winter roll around, I think I'll fall back in love with them.

  4. Oh gosh, I'm still 100% team scarf, ha! I just can't get enough of them. I've been wearing them a lot this summer with a tank and rolled up skinny jeans. Keeps me warm in the AC but I'm still not too hot when I'm outside.