Thursday, July 23, 2015

Turquoise Dress

Since I'm retired for the moment, I don't wear my dresses as much.  But this one is pretty casual and comfortable, so I wore it to a meeting.  But then it was too hot for this cardigan and I needed pockets, so I changed into shorts and a tank top for lunch with some friends.  But I did wear this outfit for a couple hours at least!

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: JCF
Belt: Steve Madden
Sandals: Target


  1. This definitely seems like a dress that you could still wear casually, when you can. Plus it looks really comfortable!

  2. you look great

  3. You look great! Now that I wear scrubs at work, sometimes I come home and put on a dress instead of pjs. Of course, it's a comfy dress like a jersey knit one.

  4. my colleague commented that i seem to be wearing a lot of dresses this summer, to which I said "um, yeah, what else would i wear?" your turquoise dress is always a good choice... except when you need pockets and when it gets hot. but still, hooray for the dress!