Friday, July 31, 2015

Budget Rewind - July 2013

I got a bunch of stuff in July 2013, so let's see what was smart or foolish!

Dillard's Dress: $28 - love love love this dress!  I've worn it a bunch and will continue to wear it!
Gap Pink Striped Tank Top: $11- I know I've worn this a lot more than I've blogged it.  Just an easy summer tank.
Gap Blue Printed tank top: $14 - I like this one because it's a pattern that isn't stripes!  I've worn it quite a bit.  
Gap Smile Sweater: $6 - cozy sweater with a fun command on it.  I tend to wear it just with jeans, so don't blog it that much.
Gap Hoodie sweater: $4 - I've definitely worn this more than 4 times.  It's iust a good basic layering piece!
Gap 3 Threadless t-shirts(1/2/3): $2.50 each - these have been styled up for work, worn to the gym, and everywhere in between.  

Gap Green stripe cardigan: $8 - I want to love this cardi, but I just run out of ideas for how to wear it.  I'll have to brainstorm (polyvore-storm?) 
Dillard's Lace pocket top: $17 - this is another one that I really think I love but rarely wear. The orangey-red maybe doesn't play well with most of my bottoms?  Another item I should try to wear more.  
Dillard's Pink Polka dot skirt: $12 - I was under the influence of my nieces when I bought this, but I do sort of love it!  It's tricky to style for some reason.
Dillard's Leopard sequin tank top: $12 - I really like this one too, but don't wear it as much as I'd expect.  The sequins are a bit much maybe?  And I can't really wear it at the moment because it would be uncomfortable for the baby when I'm holding him.  

Dillard's Floral shoes: $10 - blame the nieces for these!  They begged me to buy them and I gave in because floral shoes are fun!  But I don't wear high heels much and the crazy floral pattern doesn't go with a whole lot. It appears I haven't worn these in almost 2 years.  Just a silly mistake!
Old Navy Gray striped tee: $5 - for only $5 I should probably let this be in the medium category but I just need to stop buying cheap striped tees at old navy.  I always get frustrated with the low quality!
Old Navy Purple striped Tee: $5 - ditto

Goodwill Gap Long and Lean Jeans: $1- I bought these in a panic before our trip to Montana because I didn't have any old jeans for hiking around and possibly messing up.  For $1, I guess it can't really be that dumb, but I never wore them again.
Goodwill Bitten by SJP jeans: $1- ditto

So, I wish there were fewer things in the Bad/Ugly categories, but at least those purchases only add up to $22.  


  1. I'm sure if you go on pinterest you can find outfit idea to wear you green cardigan again.

  2. I love a lot of your medium pieces! The green striped cardi would be cute with jeans and leopard print. The orange lace shirt would work well with navy stripes. And that pink skirt would look amazing with a chambray and brown boots. I agree with Amy that pinterest would be helpful.

    I also need to stop buying striped tees from Old Navy ... Sigh

  3. I remember a lot of these items! Today Old Navy had all their tees for $5 or less, some at $2. It was so hard to resist.

    Also, I think the idea of looking at bad/ugly purchases in terms of money spent rather than number of items. Although if I do that, May '14 was a horrific month :/

  4. I have to stop buying tops at Old Navy as well - they never last very long at all. I just found a big hole in the middle of one of the peplum tanks I bought in June. I've only worn the top three or four times, and I never put it in the dryer...and it still got a huge hole! What the heck?! I really love that floral dress, though - so pretty!

  5. I have a weakness for fun graphic tees forever (remember that theme week we did??) I love that one with the blue design on it, so pretty! Glad you've gotten a lot of use out of them.

    ♥ perfectly Priya