Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adventures in Sewing

A few years ago, my husband got me a sewing machine for my birthday.  I was super excited and signed up for a beginner's sewing class.  I made a purse in the class, and really regret the fabric I used.  I will likely never use the purse.  I've done a few little projects over the past couple of years, including a t-shirt quilt that is taking forever!  I should be done with it soon.  When I was at Joann's Fabric getting supplies for the quilt, I noticed patterns were on sale 5 for $5, so I picked up 5 that seemed pretty easy.  Until yesterday, I hadn't even started any of them. 

I decided I would make a skirt first.   I had some coupons for Hancock Fabrics, so I went searching for the skirt fabric.  I didn't find anything I completely loved for the skirt, but ended up with this houndstooth twill.  Got home and was anxious to get started.  This is when I realized I don't want to follow directions.  Of course, it said I should wash the fabric first, to pre-shrink.  That seemed like it would take way too long.  After considering the potential for making a skirt, only to wash it and be unable to wear it, I decided to follow the instructions.  So, the skirt fabric won't be ready for about an hour.

Instead of waiting patiently, I was anxious to sew something!  At the store, I noticed this leopard print flowy polyester fabric.  I obviously have no idea what it actually should be called.  I would fail design school.  It was too light for the skirt, but I wanted it, so I bought 2 yards, for some future project  When my skirt plan was foiled, I went to my patterns and found a simple tank top.  Should be easy, right??   I tried to follow the instructions, but I honestly had no idea what they were describing.  I had to get online and search for terms, and even watched a video on youtube about how to gather.  Eventually, I gave up on the pattern instructions and just did what made sense to me.  I think it turned out pretty cute:  

I learned a few things in the process:  
  1. I really don't like following instructions.  I would much rather wing it. 
  2. Making clothes is probably more expensive than buying.  I saw a very similar top the other day for about $14.   Once you add up the fabric/thread/pattern, and my hours, I think $14 would have been a wiser choice. 
  3. I should probably start looking at Goodwill for items I can refashion, rather than starting from scratch.  
I think I might ditch the other pattern and just make a skirt however I want.  It can't be that complicated, right??

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