Monday, November 21, 2011

Manic Monday

OK, it's not really a Manic Monday.  I just thought that would be a fun title.  I did get a little crazy this morning with my picture.  I realized that I wouldn't have a chance to capture this outfit after work, since I'd be going straight to Zumba.  I tried using the mirror trick inside, but the lighting was just terrible.  The next logical step was taking my mirror outside.  I hope none of my neighbors saw me!  Don't mind my angry eyebrows - that's just my thinking face. 

Shirt:  NY&Co
Sweater:  Old Navy (birthday present)
Skirt:  Loft
Tights:  Not sure, maybe Target
Boots:  Rampage from Piperlime
Necklace:  gift from China

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