Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Guarding the gifts

August 2010 - Two of my good friends got married on the same day at the exact same time.  One of them asked me and 2 of our other friends to be the guest book and gift attendants.  The wedding coordinator assigned me to the gift table, probably because I look so trustworthy (or because the other girls looked so shady).

The bride had asked us to wear black/white dresses, and I didn't have anything that I was very excited about.  After trying on almost every dress at the mall, I found this Kenneth Cole dress at Marshall's and totally fell in love with the plaid!  The bride also made us super cute pearl bracelet/corsages to wear.  Acting like it was a spy microphone was the logical next step.

After the wedding and reception, we ran over to the other reception for a little bit.  It was a busy day of weddings!

Dress:  Kenneth Cole
Shoes:  Unlisted

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