Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've Got the Blues

Don't worry!  I'm not sad; I'm just wearing a lot of blue.  I mean, I went to the grocery store(Target) on Saturday and just happened upon the clearance shoe section, and these adorable little blue cap-toe flats were calling my name.  Of course I had to plan my Sunday morning outfit around my new shoes.

Whenever someone says "I've got the Blues", this song immediately pops into my mind.  And then I want mac and cheese for dinner.  Does anyone else remember this commercial?  How adorable is this little girl?  Now think about the fact that she's probably about 22 now.  Feeling old yet?  Me too.

Dress and Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Francesca's
Shoes: Target


  1. We have matching shoes now!!! See mine here: and here:

    Don't you just love them!?! This outfit is so great - what a fabulous print on that dress!! Love all around!

  2. Definitely remember that Mac n' Cheese commercial!!! :)