Friday, August 10, 2012

Sha la la, sha la la lo li

I had to take a break from my challenge to rock my new shoes.  These were $13 at Marshall's in Des Moines and I just had to bring them home with me.  I mean, sometimes a lady just needs some ridiculous polka dot shoes. 

I made the mistake of wearing them on a day when I had to walk back and forth to the main building a few times, and the pleather straps kind of tore my feet up.  Nothing that can't be solved by some strategically placed toe band-aids!

After work, I went to a baby shower for a co-worker.  It was a baseball themed shower, and one of the games involved spinning around a bat, and then running to the other side of the room and putting a diaper on a Cabbage Patch Kid.  I took my shoes off for this game, for fear that I might break an ankle.  Baby showers are dangerous places.  

Dress: Ann Taylor
Belt: Limited
Shoes: Madden Girl


  1. ooooooohhhhh! I love the shoes!!!!
    And I agree...after my Bestie's babyshower this weekend, it sure is a dangerous place. :)

  2. I LOVE your shoes. Polka dots are so fun!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Super classy and timeless! Thanks for your suggestions and honest comment on my blog today!! happy weekend, friend!

  4. Love this outfit! Such a sleek and classy look! New follower to your blog :)