Sunday, August 12, 2012


At my office, the smokers hang out on the West side of the building.  This just happens to be right by the door I use.  It also happens to be right outside my office windows.  This arrangement can lead to some awkward moments.

Fluorescent lighting gives me a headache, so I rely on keeping my blinds open so the natural light can stream in.  The problem is that people stand right outside my window to smoke.  Depending on where the sun is, they might be able to see me, or they might just see their own reflection.  I either feel like a zoo animal, or I get to watch a random person using my window as a mirror.  Sometimes, I awkwardly close the blinds.

The other problem is when I arrive or leave and have to walk through the cloud of smoke.  I try to just hold my breath for a few seconds, and that usually works.  On the day I wore this outfit, I was coming back from lunch, and a lady was sitting right by the door smoking.   As I was walking by (holding my breath), she said "wow, those are really cute shoes!"  and then proceeded to ask me several questions about where I got them, and when it was, because maybe they would still have some...  I didn't want to be rude, so I just chatted with her for a few minutes and tried not to breath very much.  I'm sure I looked really cool. 

Tank: Gap
Skirt: George
Shoes: Old Navy

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  1. Not that I think it's funny that your office is right near the smoking spot, but the part about people using your window as a mirror or looking at you like a zoo animal just made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!