Saturday, September 21, 2013

Closet Inventory - Blazers and Skirts

One of my big projects for the summer was supposed to be a big closet inventory and clean-out. Well, I think it's safe to say that summer is pretty much over, and I haven't accomplished my task.  I've gotten rid of quite a few things, but it's been pretty random.  I'd like to have a more organized approach to the closet purge.  This leads me to the inventory.  

So far, the inventory piece has been a summary of my blog labels, copied into excel and then adding certain things I want to track, like year added, price (if I remember), and (where applicable), year removed.
I've decided to tackle this project one item type at a time, and I will post each time I finish a section of organization.  I'm hoping to do at least one post a week, most likely on Saturdays.

First up, blazers!  This is easy, because I only have 6.

And here's a screenshot of my spreadsheet, to give you an idea of what I'm doing.  I also have columns where I break out Brand, Item Type, and Color, so I can filter that way, as well. It's getting kind of nerdy.  Gap is definitely winning the brand category.

As you can see, most of these blazers have been added to my closet in the last year.  The 2 velvet ones are on thin ice, and may have to be sold/donated in a couple months.  They only seem appropriate when it is cold outside, but they aren't warm enough to skip a coat, and they don't really work under a coat, so I rarely wear them.  As far as wanting more blazers, I would like a bright pink blazer, but I don't think that qualifies as a need or "closet hole" by any means.

Next up - skirts!  This is also pretty easy, because I have a lot of skirts, but I wear them a lot, too.  Here's the line up: 

I'm not going to include the full grid for every item type (unless you want that, so let me know), because that could get long, but there are 20 skirts pictured here.  Not hanging in the closet are my purple maxi skirt and my black silk skirt.  When it comes to skirts, I am mostly looking out for replacements.  Both my polka dot pencil skirt and gold skirt are starting to look a little rough.  I also want a truer red pencil skirt.  My new one from J.Crew factory is a little bit more orange than I wanted, but it was final sale, and I still really love it.  Otherwise, I feel like I have a pretty good mix of colors, prints, styles.  I'm definitely a skirt person, so 22 doesn't seem unreasonable!

So, skirts and blazers down, only twenty-five categories to go!  I'm hoping to tackle my more summery items next, to get those pared down before I push them to the back of my closet. 

Let me know if you have any advice for cleaning out the closet, or other pieces of information you want to know.  Hopefully I'm not just being narcissistic, but I think it is interesting when other bloggers share their closet details, so I'm doing it too!


  1. Ah so many clothes! I wish I had that may skirts to choose from!

  2. Are your skirts not organized by color? I don't know how you do it! 22 skirts doesn't seem unreasonable-- do you wear them all equally, or are there some you barely wear at all? I don't think you are being narcissistic, but then again, I enjoy seeing other people's closets. One day I'll get around to doing an inventory, too.

  3. I love seeing how others organize their closets. When I do the summer to fall switch I re-organize everything by color and type of clothing. I would like to know how you organize shoes! That is my biggest problem due to lack of space (or probably the fact I have too many shoes).

  4. I love your skirt collection! A closet inventory sounds like a really great idea, but definitely would take some work!

    Jess - J's Style

  5. I need to get more organized about my purge/ closet holes situation... I love that you're using Excel, the hallmark of the organization nerd! 22 skirts would be way too many for me (I rarely wear skirts/dresses, something I'm working on), but you seem to wear them all the time so that seems like a good number for you! Plus you just reminded me that I need more blazers (casual ones because, you know, SAHM and all).

  6. I want your skirt collection! I love all the colors! I can see how a pink blazer would go well with lots of your skirts.

  7. Skirts. Biggest gap in my closet, I think. I just need to figure out the fit I proud of you for having such great items!

  8. I LOVE CLOSET INVENTORIES. I'm thinking about adding a closet inventory page like Whitney (Along the Lines of Style) has...just to help me keep track of everything visually (because apparently, my super nerdy Excel spreadsheet isn't quite enough...). I love that gray/white striped blazer you have. And I don't think you have an unreasonable amount of blazers or skirts :)