Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Shopping

September shopping

This shopping almost all happened over Labor Day weekend.  It may have been retail therapy, but I did get some things from my wishlist, so I wasn't being completely ridiculous.  And everything else was really cheap.  I mean, what was I supposed to do - leave the $3 shoes??  Let's not be crazy, okay!

Here's the damage (not a lot of links available this month - everything is gone):

*Cognac Sandals: $4 (originally $20) (worn here)
*Gray booties (similar): $7 (originally $35)
*Nude flats: $20 (originally $30) (worn here)

Michael Kors Striped tank: $7 (originally $70)
Jones NY Striped Blazer: $7 (originally $109)
*Nine West Sunglasses: $10 (originally $55)  (worn here)
Restricted Wedges: $3 (originally $65)  (worn here)

Banana Republic:
Anchor tee: $4 (originally $40) (worn here)

Star tee: $6 (originally $23)  (worn here)
White Tank: $6 (originally $23)  (worn here)
Striped tank: $5 (originally $25)

Polka Dot Skinny Jeans $10 (originally $80)  (worn here)
*Bootcut Jeans $45 (originally $75)  (worn here)
Dalmatian print belt $3.50 (originally $33) 
*Mint necklace $7 (originally $30)  (worn here)

Athleta (used $25 GC that I won from Kim)
*Tankini Top:  $35 (originally $72)
*Swim bottom:  $30 (originally $42)

Spent:$202.50  (originally $827)
Minus GC: -$25
Earned Selling Consignment: $20.48
Total out of pocket: $157.02

Other than my little purchases adding up (which I should be more careful about), I did find a few very important items that made up the bulk of my spending.  Bootcut jeans, nude flats and a swimsuit have been on my "difficult to find/willing to spend more on" list for probably a year.  You might think it is odd to buy a swimsuit at the end of summer, but I big plans to start swimming at the gym.  I just need to learn how to swim - it can't be that hard, right??       

I also had enough leftovers from prior months, so I am still on track for my annual budget, with even a little extra.  October is my birthday month, so I shouldn't be shopping much, in case people buy me presents from my wishlist (hint, hint).  

As always, I'm linking up with Fran for the Shopaholics Anonymous - I mean, Budgeting Bloggers.  


  1. Oh wow you got so many great deals! And a lot of really versatile pieces.

  2. Oh wow you got so many great deals! And a lot of really versatile pieces.

  3. You found some really good deals this month - I think my favorites are all the pretty shoes. :) Those wedges were an amazing bargain, and I really like those nude flats. You'll get so much use out of those!

    Jess - J's Style

  4. Wow, I need to learn how to shop like you. So many amazing deals!

  5. Great job and awesome deals! The little here and there purchases get me too haha.

  6. You got some serious deals! $4 shoes?! Amazing!

  7. Wow, good deals! I am so jealous of all the fabulous shoes you got! The blazer and anchor shirt are adorable.

  8. WOW! Your only steal wasn't those shoes - you did great this month on sales! I think if I put just a bit more time into shopping, I'd be able to do much better. Must work on that!

  9. Such great deals! I love those grey boots!!

  10. you saved $600?! that is insane. way to shop those deals girl!

  11. Dang, Andi - you're a rock star. LOVE those jeans, and I hope you like the Payless flats as much as I do - they're comfy and perfect!!