Sunday, September 29, 2013

Closet Inventory - Coats and Shorts

Let's continue the Closet Inventory series with coats and shorts - 2 subsets of my wardrobe that rarely meet!

Ten coats/jackets - for the most part, I don't think of outerwear as part of my "wardrobe," because there's a decent part of the year where I just have to wear a giant coat (and hat/scarf/gloves).  I'm currently in the market for a new denim jacket (because mine is growing holes around the pockets), and a new casual winter coat (because the purple one has always been a little snug).  The khaki jacket on the end probably needs to go, as well.  I don't know when I wore it last.  It's not on the blog anywhere, so it's probably been a couple years.  (Putting in the Goodwill pile now...)  Okay, now I have 9 coats/jackets.  It also seems odd that I don't have a black coat.  I have my eye on this one from J.Crew Factory, so they need to run an additional 50% off soon!

Now to the opposite season for shorts.  Seven pairs of "non-athletic" shorts seems like a good amount!  I think all but 2 of these are new as of this summer.  It seems like there were more options in the medium length range, so I stocked up!  I think these are probably on their last days for the year, but I think they'll all be good for next summer.  Unless we stop liking floral print, which doesn't seem too likely. 

I feel like I'm doing the easiest categories first, so it's just going to get more and more difficult!       


  1. Looking good so far! I also rarely consider outerwear to be part of my wardrobe, but I would like to pay more attention to how my coat matches my outfit (except for when we're in the throes of those nasty Nebraska winters! Which I get to avoid for the most part this year.) If I remember correctly, I have 3 pairs of shorts, so next summer I'll be needing more! I'll be interested to see the other sections of your wardrobe and what you do with them! :)

  2. It seems like you have a good grasp on your closet so far. My shorts need to be purged because I only end up wearing a few select pair. I want to see you style that camo jacket!