Monday, September 16, 2013

Peer Pressure

Happy Monday!  The weekend went by too fast, but that's pretty standard.  It was a pretty low key weekend for me.  I spent most of Saturday reading, and then most of Sunday doing household tasks that I've been neglecting.

After seeing a million Instagrams about the Philip Lim for Target line, I decided to check it out during my grocery trip.  Apparently Omahans aren't as interested in these designer collaborations, because it didn't look picked over at all this afternoon.  Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed.  The half-embellished collars just look awkward to me, the leopard print is too orange, and the things I do like are too expensive.  There are a couple tops I will keep an eye out for, and maybe pick up if they appear in the clearance section.

The little blogging devil on my shoulder was telling me to buy one of the purses, because everyone else was doing it, but my practical side won out this time.  Let's be honest here, I've never spent $50 on a purse!

Did you check out the line?  Did you buy anything?

Dress: Target
Cardigan & Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Target


  1. I agree with you about the clothes (the collar, the leopard, etc,) but I actually bought one of the purses :/ In my defense, I've been looking for a solid and sturdy tote for some time now, and have turned down $30 options at Kohl's and Target. Spending twice as much is a lot, but it look so much nicer and so much sturdier than the $60+ options at TJMaxx. I haven't committed to it 100% yet, since it is half my budget, but since I'm not having luck finding what I do want (and the things I do want aren't going on sale enough -- 15% is not a sale!), I might end up keeping it. haha whoops

  2. I agree about the clothes. I was not impressed at all. I did buy the mini cross body bag. Since I haven't bought a purse in years I figured the $34 was worth it and I kept with my rule. If you love it buy it, if not don't buy it.

    I really like your color combo today too! That dress is so cool with the neon zipper. It's a nice unexpected surprise.

  3. I totally agree about Philip Lim line. The trench coats are nice, but I have one and everything else I wasn't really feeling. The purses are ok, but I'd rather spend more on a leather purse and have it last me for years. Anyway, your outfit is adorable! I love the yellow zipper on the dress! And the cobalt blue is a perfect color to pair with it. Those shoes are so cute! I want cap toe shoes, but I haven't been able to justify it yet because I have way too many pairs already!

  4. I'm with you. I actually haven't even gone to Target to see it yet. But honestly, where I live I could go in a week and everything will probably still be stocked. The purses are really nice, but definitely expensive (we are talking about Target here). I actually just got a cobalt cross-body at Target on clearance for $12 last week and was super happy. That's how I roll.

  5. I wasn't that impressed with it. It's so funny to me to watch the mad dashes for the collabs because in Kansas nothing is ever sold out. We are entirely too cheap.

  6. First off, beautiful look. Love the black and blue on you.
    Secondly, I am the same. I wasn't really interested in the collab in the first place, and I happened to go to Target out of mere coincidence. I endded up purchasing a pair of heels that weren't Phillip Lim, but I will be wearing them all the time this fall. And I also agree that some of the stuff I was not to crazy about!

  7. I'm with you. I did kind of like a couple of the bags, but like you I've never spent that much on a bag in my life, and also I wasn't sure if *I* liked it, or if I thought I should like it. Either way, I didn't end up getting anything either.

  8. My Target didn't get it :( I wasn't crazy about anything I saw online, though. Love this color combo today!

  9. lol, I was just telling a friend today that I had totally forgotten today was THE day
    I am just guessing this isn't as much my style

  10. Agree about the line! And good job turning down the purse! :)