Sunday, February 2, 2014

#27 - Football!

Apparently, there's some big football game going on today!  I used to care about college football a little too much, but in the past 10 years, my level of interest in football has pretty much gone to zero.  The Super Bowl just seems kind of ridiculous.  I haven't been impressed with the commercials or the halftime show in recent years.  So, chances are good I won't watch at all.  I mean, it's possible, but not likely.

That said, I hope Peyton wins.  I got to see him play a couple times in Indy, and it would be fun to see him win with his new team.

Cardigan: Gap
Shirt & Skirt: Old Navy
Pearls: gift
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. I don't really follow football and don't have a favorite team. I actually don't mind watching football, but when you have no preference of who wins, it's not all that exciting. I'll probably still watch it so I can talk to students about it.

  2. I HATE FOOTBALL. And then everyone's status update serves as commentary for the game. Oy vey.

    Also, I have a pink, black, and white look planned for Tuesday. I love yours so very much!

    1. DANIELLE. I hate football too, with a fiery passion! Thank GOD Kevin doesn't follow sports at all - we actually had a great Super Bowl Sunday together that involved a meal out, running some errands, and spending quality (quiet) time together :)

      Andi, I am a huge fan of this outfit - I have always loved black and white with a pop of hot pink, and you executed it perfectly here!

  3. I love football and tonight I am going for the Seahawks. Trying to get some outfit ideas and I think you may have inspired some pink this week.

  4. I dislike American Football so much. You do look great though. I am saving this for re-creation with my own striped skirt. Enjoy the new week!! And stop by when you can, Ada. =)