Thursday, February 6, 2014


Well, I survived my very first 30X30 remix challenge, and now there's a HUGE recap post to share!  Here are a few random thoughts:
  • It was WAY easier than I thought it might be.  
  • It wasn't that much different than my normal mode of getting dressed.  I already wear the same items over and over again.  I can see how this challenge would be very difficult for a blogger who rarely repeats an item. 
  • My biggest problem - laundry.  There were days when my outfit was pretty much decided by what was clean.  I can usually get away without doing laundry for a couple weeks, because I have a lot of clothes.  With only 30 items, I ran into the problem of limited clean clothes a few times.  
  • I didn't rely on scarves and statement necklaces as much as I thought I would.  I really expected to be grabbing bold accessories every day to add something new, but I didn't end up doing that very much at all.  
Here are my 5 favorite outfits:

And here are my 5 least favorite outfits: 

Because I'm a nerd, I kept an excel spreadsheet to help me remember what I had worn throughout the month.  Here are my items with the number of times worn:

No surprises on my most and least worn items.  The black boots were worn half of the time!  And my leopard print pumps were only worn once.  There just weren't many days where I could get away with non-boots.

My pink stripe dress and polka dot popover landed in the ironing pile at about the halfway point and never made it back into the closet.  A good reminder that I should avoid clothing that requires ironing!

My excel spreadsheet also has outfit ideas on it.  I have 17 outfits from these items that I didn't end up wearing.  So I could keep going for at least a couple more weeks if I wanted.  I won't, but I could.  I'll just save those 17 ideas for days when I need inspiration!

The main thing I learned is that when it comes to my closet, it's easier to decide what to wear when I have less to choose from.  And I should really focus on buying higher quality pieces that are very remixable.  I already knew this, but the challenge confirms!

I'll have to try again in the summer!  I think it will be more difficult without all the layering options!


  1. Excellent recap! I agree with you about buying higher quality pieces that are remixable. Since blogging I have learned quality over quantity works best. Plus using neutral/classic pieces (like your black boots, black sweater, and tan sweater) makes remixing a piece of cake. Loved seeing all your looks in one place today!

  2. EPIC recap! I'm glad you didn't feel stuck at any point, and I know that as a reader I didn't feel like you were wearing the same things over and over. Great job!

  3. woo-hoo! Way to go girl! I love that you kept a spread sheet and now have BONUS outfit ideas! That's incredible. I think my fav of your favs is the pink skirt with the layered sweater/top. As for least favorites- I thought the graphic sweater with the flats was really cute, actually!

    So I am determined to do a "clothing challenge" though they intimidate me, have you heard of a reverse 30x30? You take 30 pieces out of your closet you don't wear regularly and try to make outfits out of those, and this kinda helps you determine to keep them/not. I think I may try that!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

    1. That sounds just like No Longer Neglected last year! It was my favorite challenge of the year!

  4. Way to go with this! I really liked your top five and I agree it's easier to get dressed when there are less choices :)

  5. Your top five really are really great outfits-- I wish I could come up with five great outfits in one month. Maybe I should do a 30x30. (Also really love how organized your recaps are!)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  6. I totally agree with your top 5 picks. #4 and #5 from those are probably my all time favorites. Great job with this!

  7. All of the stripes just make me so happy. That pink cardigan and striped skirt outfit is by far my very favorite!

  8. Great recap, so organized of you. You were very creative with this challenge. I liked all the stripes and Pink was a great choice to add.

    I so want to do this one of these days.

  9. I love your recap, Andi! I love looking at your big collage and seeing all the red, pink, and stripes! you picked fantastic items, which helps a lot :) Next time I do the 30x30, I'll try to be more adventurous with colors and patterns, which admittedly, I didn't do a great job of this time around.