Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Budget and Some Girl Talk

After spending a little bit more than I should have in January, I really planned to cut back in February.  Then I picked up a few things at Target.  And then we booked a vacation and I started thinking that I needed a new swim top.  So here's the play-by-play:

Target Sailboat print tank:  $6 (originally $20)
Target Workout tanks:  $13 each
Lands End Tankini Tops (here and here):  $60 each - but I will return at least one (edit: I returned this one, as it was way too low cut!)
Bras - 2 normal, 1 strapless - not pictured:  used giftcard and Christmas money

Total:  $139 (but it will be $79)

So, I feel pretty good about the month.  I'm really excited about the workout tanks, because I have a hard time finding workout tanks with enough coverage to actually wear while exercising!  I'm also hopeful that one of the swimtops will work.  I like the print of the bottom one better, but I'm worried that the v-neck will be too low, so I ordered the other one that is straight across.  Busty girls need cute/modest swimwear, too!  So if any swimsuit designers are reading this, get on that!!   
On that topic, let's have a little girl talk.  Isn't bra shopping the worst!?  It's really tricky to find good bras when you aren't in the normal size range (in my case, narrow frame, larger cup size).  Over the years, my favorites have been ones that I randomly found at Dillard's during their semi-annual sale (because they apparently hide those sizes the rest of the year).  I decided to search Amazon for the brand I like, and I actually ordered 3 in February that will work nicely.  I even bought a strapless option for a wedding that I am in this spring, and it fits really well!  So if you have similar sizing issues, you should check out the Whimsy by Lunaire collection.  They are in the $20-30 range, and I have have a few that have held up nicely over the years.  This isn't sponsored or anything, I just wanted to share my excitement about finding bras that fit and aren't $100.  If any of you have advice or brands you recommend, let me know!     

Anyway, how'd your February budget turn out?  Link up with Franish to share your shopaholic confessions!  


  1. I got that same sailboat top! Can't wait to see how you style yours! And I'm not a weird bra size, but I still hate shopping for them. I don't have size envy so bra makers please stop over padding small cup sizes! ;)

  2. Well done! That sailboat top sounds perfect for vacation! (And I don't count workout stuff so by my count- you did SUPER fantastic!)

  3. Sorry, I have no advice to share about swim suits-- every summer from freshman year of high school thru senior year of college I bought a two-piece at Target. And one of those summers, I bought one from Old Navy. Lame, I know. I tried Victoria's Secret once, but even when I went for "full coverage" and sized up, my butt still felt like it was falling out of the suit.

    Congrats on keeping within budget and not bringing too many new things into your closet!

  4. I am on the other end of the spectrum because I'm built like a 12-year-old boy. No, really, I am one punch away from concave, which means my size is the same as one of the smallest sad. I hunted EVERYwhere for a bra that disguised my flatness, and who sold it? AMERICAN EAGLE. Seriously? So weird. Okay, I'm done now.

  5. I'm pretty well-endowed on top so this year I finally set some money aside and went to Intimacy for a professional bra fitting. Holy cow such a great decision- I no longer feel like I'm falling out all over the place any more! That being said, the cheapest bras were like $80 so definitely not cheap. Although, I figure that now I know what size to look for if I shop elsewhere. Maybe Nordstrom rack?


  6. Oh I love that sailboat tank! I wish I would have seen it, but I haven't been to Target this month (I forced myself not to go and it was so hard!). I have no advice on bras or swimsuits because I am pretty flat-chested and I have trouble, but it's the opposite trouble. I swear I know my size, but every brand fits differently :(

  7. Ugh, bra shopping is the worst. I refuse to spend tons of money on an expensive bra right now (I am so stubborn), but I, too, am busty and not a typical size, so eventually I'm going to have to go that route. I'm a huge loser right now and wear a lot of sports bras or "lounge" type bras. Not only is it way more comfortable for me, but they also make me look less busty, which I am perfectly okay with. I really shouldn't be allowed to have a style blog after admitting this... hahaha.