Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Budget

Well, I got a lot of new things in January, but I only paid for about half of them!  Thanks to some delayed Christmas celebrations, I got some really fun new items.  And then I apparently shopped quite a bit.  Like $32 more than I should have.  Here are the details:

*Denim Jacket
Green/Mint colorblock sweater
Floral bracelet
Black fringe infinity scarf

Old Navy (gift card
Black/Gray Dress
Black/White striped dress (worn here)
Pink blouse (worn here)
*Green jeans
Gray cardigan
Pink bracelet (worn here)
Rhinestone leaf necklace (worn here)

Pink Shirtdress: $7 (originally $60)
*Light Denim jeans (similar): $15 (originally $60)
Orange/White bow-print blouse:  $10 (originally $40)
Striped workout tank (similar):  $11 (originally $23)
*Leopard print flats:  $18 (originally $50)

Cognac wedges:  $11 (originally $22)
*Leopard Pumps:  $15 (originally $30) (worn here)
*Nude pumps:  $15 (originally $30) (UPDATE - I returned these. The color wasn't quite right and they weren't very comfortable!)
*Black moto jacket:  $22 (originally $40) (worn here)

Patterned blouse: $8 (originally $54)

 Total spent: $117 (originally $379)

I'm not super excited about starting off the year by spending so much, but I'm still on the fence about a couple items that I might return, which would bring my total down to less than $100.  I did get quite a few more items from my Wish List (those with an *), so I'm happy about that, but there are several random impulse buys in there as well. There were just a lot of good sales going on and I found cute stuff!

I really (really) need to clean out my closet and make myself get rid of more items.  I'm kicking myself, because I missed the window where my consignment shop will accept winter items.  I need to hurry up and gather my springy stuff, because she starts taking that in February.  Anyway, I need to clean out my closet, make a new wish list, and then keep working toward the goal of buying better/smarter and not just cheaper/more.

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  1. Well you certainly did get a lot of great stuff this month, and they were all such good prices! I know those were usually the months were the total sneaks up on you, because you are getting so many great deals!

  2. WOW that is a lot of new items for January. After not posting my budget/shopping since May of last year, I think I may start doing it again this year and keeping myself accountable.

    I, too got lots of things in January but unfortunately mine costed a lot more. Loving the prices you got as a total for so many things. The Dresses, Leopard Shoes & Pink Tank in the fun print are my favorite pieces. Cannot wait to see how you style them. Enjoy your new clothes.

    P.S. I am now all caught up with your blog. It has been a pleasure commenting along the way. Feel free to stop by mine whenever you like. Ohh and I hope you like the shot-out I gave you yesterday. Ada. =)

  3. They're not impulse buys if they're classic and versatile...or at least, that's what I tell myself!


  4. You got a lot of great gifts! I wish people bought me clothes more often. I really like those green pants and your turquoise green sweater! I bet you can't wait to wear some of them when your challenge is over. You really got a lot for what you paid, not even counting the gifts!

  5. Wow, I am very impressed by how much you got for the price! And you truly got some nice gifts :)

  6. You really did awesome as far as what you got vs. cost! I bought way more than I planned to in January too - the sales were pretty darn awesome. And yay for getting some stuff on your wishlist! Those leopard pumps are cute!

  7. You got a big haul for what you paid (and YAY for Christmas gift cards, etc.)! And I'm a huge sucker for anything leopard print...goes with everything!

  8. WOW! You got so many nice things for that price though. I love the nude pumps and the green and mint sweater.

  9. Getting wish list items is the best! Love this leather jacket here too.

  10. I'm still in love with your leather jacket (if only it came in cognac!!!), and I am a huge fan of that striped dress as well. They have been great additions to your 30x30 as well :)