Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Recap

So, Christmas already feels like several weeks ago, but it was really only last week.  As I mentioned earlier this week, John and I made the trek out to Indiana to spend the week with my family.  It was so much fun (and kind of a blur)!  I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures, but here are a few good ones.
Nieces and Nephews on Christmas morning
We played a lot of games, like Ping Pong, Scrabble, Disney Apples to Apples, Dutch Blitz, Chinese Checkers, Carcassonne, and Charades.  The kids are getting old enough to participate in more complex games and I love it!  One funny story: my nephew accused me of being a computer when I kept winning at Dutch Blitz.  Then I had to play with one arm behind my back.

On Christmas Eve afternoon, my sister and I took the kids to see Frozen.  It was pretty cute.  At lunch (before the movie), my youngest niece said I should order 2 cookies.  "One for you and one for your TRUE LOVE!"  My sister said "Who is her true love?" and E replied "I don't know - maybe Uncle John?"  These kids just crack me up!

The week went by way too fast and I already miss my family like crazy!  I'm so grateful for technology so I can see pictures of them and keep in touch so easily.

Here's the only noteworthy outfit of the week - from Christmas Eve:

In other news, I'm going to do a 30X30 challenge this month.  I believe the original credit for this idea goes to the always fabulous Kendi, but several bloggers have done it over the years.  Both AJ and Brynn are doing it this January, so I decided to quit being a chicken and jump in as well.  I haven't finalized my 30 items, but these four are on the list, so this can be my first official outfit of the challenge.  One down, twenty-nine to go!

Cardigan & Skirt & Tights:  Old Navy
Shirt: J.Crew Factory
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. Looks like a fun holiday! Good luck with the 30x30!

  2. What a great Christmas outfit! Hope your holiday season went well :)

  3. I always look forward to bloggers' 30 for 30. I am now catching up with your blog but yeah I enjoyed this Christmas Post.