Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Hall of Fame

Happy New Year!  I'm doing a double-header today, showing my best and worst outfits of 2013. We'll start off with my favorites, broken out by top 5 cold-weather and then top 5 warm-weather looks:
No big surprises here - there are a few things that stand out:
  • Stripes are a frequently worn and loved print
  • I like to keep things interesting with bright colors and/or mixed prints
  • Scarves are my accessory of choice - particularly my leopard one and tan one.  
  • My tan pumps are in 3 of these outfits.  No other shoes repeat.  I really need to find a replacement pair!  
  • I think only #1 was inspired by an outfit I had pinned.  So, I guess I'm happiest in outfits I come up with on my own!  
I was happy that I liked most of my outfits from the past year.  So, I don't have many outfit regrets.  Stay tuned this afternoon for the Hall of Shame!


  1. Lots of fun colors and patterns here! I've enjoyed following along with you this year, can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

  2. I really love the way you use lots of color and mix prints. You have given me some great inspiration to use more color and be bolder with my choices. I think I am still a neutral girl at heart though since 1 and 5 are probably my favs!

  3. So many inspiring looks here! Well done lady!

  4. So many great Outfits, especially the Summer ones. Love your two Striped Dresses, Andi. =)