Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#10 - Silly Problems

I wore this yesterday.  It's a good thing I felt cute, because I definitely had a serious case of the Mondays.  When I was getting ready, my tights ripped!  This is the first time I've worn them, so I'm not happy about that!  The good thing is that the holes are higher up, so my dress conceals the issue.  And I quickly put some clear nail polish to prevent a run.  Because I don't have a back-up plan for this color of tights.  I'm beginning to think that tights with a pattern are just prone to rip more easily.  (I had the same thing happen in November with some patterned tights).  So maybe I should stick to patternless tights?

After the fiasco with the tights, I drove to work.  When I got to my office, my desk was missing a computer.  Because I took it home this weekend, thinking I might work some.  And then I completely forgot that I had it at home.  So, I had to go get it, and my day started about 45 minutes later than I had planned. 

After work and Zumba, I decided to watch Downton Abbey while I ate dinner.  I had heard that S4E3 had a shocking/upsetting event, but I would not have guessed what happens.  I just think the show could be interesting enough without so many awful things happening.  WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE HAPPY?

Anyway, I'm hoping the rest of the week is better.  (And yes, I know these aren't real problems, but those aren't fun to blog about).

Dress & Belt: Gap
Sweater: J.Crew Factory
Tights & Bracelet: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. Oh gosh the computer thing, I probably would have cried haha. Do these tights have a pattern? I can't see it in the pictures.

  2. I have totally done that with my laptop before! And tell me about Downton Abbey! I feel like I am biting my nails with the inheritance tax, too!

  3. You got to go to Zumba! Yay for you :) Isn't it weird how one little thing like a rip in your tights can set the tone for the rest of the day? Hope your week is on the upswing!

  4. But the tights aren't black and that's all that counts! wink wink!

  5. Ha, sorry to hear about your tights fiasco! I have read to spray tights with cheap (sticky) hair spray to prevent runs. But I also had a pair of Old Navy tights that snagged and got a run the first time I wore them! I returned them with no hassle. I was really disappointed because I looooove Old Navy, but the tights not so much. Target has much better quality (pretty much the same price) and cute tights, I have found!!

    perfectly priya

  6. What a bummer about the tights! I get irrationally cranky when my clothes get ruined - particularly tights! I don't know what it is about tights specifically, but I get so angry when they get holes or runs, haha. I do really like the color of these, though! I love how your dress looks with that cardigan, too :)