Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Hall of Shame

Sometimes, outfits just don't work. Sometimes, I realize this before I go to work, take pictures, and post them on the internet.  Sometimes, I still post an outfit, just to keep it real.  Other times, I don't realize how bad it was until I'm scanning through my year of posts looking for the best ones, and there are a few that are so very opposite of best.  Yikes!  So, here are my 8 worst outfits of 2013.
  • Winter White FAIL - too much white, and the cream sweater is just a tad darker than the dress.  It's not different enough to look intentional.  The dress looked much better in 2012 with a gray sweater and cognac accessories!  
  • Valentine's Day Massacre - this was a step way outside of my comfort zone with red and pink. Sometimes, it's best to listen to your comfort zone.
  • Bad Layers - the sweater under the blazer just isn't quite right here.  And it's BORING!  
  • Shorts & Blazer - I almost left this one off, because I almost like it.  I think it was just a case of trying too hard to make these shorts "business casual."  Then I remembered that my office dress code is just "casual", and I could wear them without trying to dress them up.
  • Too many boyfriends - bf jeans and bf cardigan = superfrumpy.  The proportions are just off.  The shoes aren't helping.
  • More frump - these jeans need to be worn with heels.  Like this.  
  • All Mixed up - the proportions and the fabrics aren't playing nice.  I need to take the skirt in a bit, and I need to get a brown cardigan that isn't cropped.  
  • Clown school - there's just too much going on here. I knew it when I wore it, and I felt awkward all day.  These shoes are on the list 3 times (which is ALL the times I've worn them).  Nude flats had been on my wish list for several months, but maybe they aren't right for me.  Or maybe I should try them with a skirt instead of jeans. 
Most of these fall into the categories of ill-proportions or just too much going on.  I'll have to keep these pitfalls in mind in 2014!  


  1. Thanks for sharing ;) although I don't think they look all that bad!

  2. Your names for these outfits are cracking me up. It's good to be able to laugh at yourself and learn from your mistakes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I post most of my fails as well. I am all about keeping it real. I actually like Outfits 3 & 8. Yours shorts are fun, too.

  4. Well at least you're learning from your mistakes here. Your commentary was really funny to read. I loved the title "too many boyfriends" haha. I definitely have these "what was I thinking?!" moments too!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA