Monday, November 4, 2013

Take One - Take Two

Back in February, I did the Take One, Pass It On Challenge with Sarah from Sarah's Real Life, but I kind of cheated and made up my own rules.  She's at it again and I'm going to do it for realsies this time.  We're starting off with an outfit that I wore a couple weeks ago for the Pantone color challenge, but never posted, because I was lazy on my birthday.  If anyone asks, my boots and cardigan are "carafe."  Not brown.  

This is another outfit that seemed like a good idea in my mind, but just didn't translate when I actually put the clothes on.  Maybe if the cardigan was longer, or maybe if the top was shorter, or the skirt was a pencil instead of a wrap.  I tried tucking the top in, but I felt fat when I did that.  I added a belt, but then it felt like I had too much going on.  After work, I played around a little bit and actually liked it best when I tied my shirt. Which is what I did the first time I wore this skirt.  Maybe it's just a tricky skirt.  Who knows.

Anyway, make sure you come back tomorrow to see which item is being passed along!  It's so SUSPENSEFULLLLL!!!

Top & Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: Chaus via Dillard's
Boots: Rampage


  1. I remember this challenge and thought it was a cool idea. Looking forward to seeing what you pass along for tomorrow! This skirt is really cute

  2. Which item?! I must know!! Haha that skirt is really cute but I can see it being tricky. I like it best with the top tied as well!

  3. Oh, I liked your version of the challenge so much more! It made it so much easier to participate in than when sticking to the rules. I can't decide whether to participate or not this time around. Can't wait to see what you come up with this month!

  4. I think it looks good tied too! Maybe that's what you should go to first next time! I can't wait to see how you do with the challenge!

  5. I see the problem with the shirt/cardigan length disparity. It's so cute tied though!