Friday, November 22, 2013

All Mixed Up


I'm not sure what's going on, but I've been completely confused all week about what day it is.  I think it is partly because I had extra plans after work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Then Thursday and today, my department is doing off-site training, so I'm working, but it's not at the office, and it's completely different than my normal day (like, I have to wake up at a normal person time, instead of sleeping in late!)  I was thinking it would be better next week, but apparently Thanksgiving is happening.  Where did November go exactly?  I have no idea.

The Take One, Pass it On challenge is almost over - just one more week!  Then I can get back to participating in link ups on the appropriate days.  I missed Pinned It & Did It yesterday, so I'm making up for it with today's outfit.  Tamara from Ordinary Fashionista is one of my favorites, and I love this outfit of hers from way back in May.  Stripes + Dots + a dash of pink?  Sign me up!  (Plus, she's kind of an amazing seamstress.)

Happy Friday!

Skirt, Cardigan, Belt: Old Navy
Tee: Gap
Necklace: InPink
Shoes: Target


  1. I've been getting my days mixed up all week too! I think it's because I'm desperate for the break next week and it feels like this week is drrrraaaagggggggggiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg (<- annoying, sorry haha) You know I love that skirt, the polka dots are a fun mix!

  2. I agree with Inge! This has felt like an especially long week. TGIF! :)