Saturday, November 30, 2013

Take One Recap


Doing the Take One, Pass It On challenge was really fun for me (shout out to Sarah for coming up with the idea!).  I apparently like having some guidance in what I should wear each day.  Other than day one, I really like all of these outfits, and didn't feel like I was limited by the challenge at all.  It helped me be more creative, which is a good thing!

Anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to see what types of items were passed along.  No big surprise here - the cardigans win with 4 passes.  Coming in second with 3 each are jeans, tops, and jackets(including my blazer).  I was surprised that I only passed on one skirt.  And the others were pretty much accessories (shoes, scarf, necklace, belt).   I feel good that I only did 5 accessory passes.  Those seem easier than main clothing items, so I'm glad I didn't take the easy route too often! 

Here's to December, when I have to dress myself without any rules other than weather-requirements. 


  1. What a neat recap! I really liked looking at each one and figuring out what you passed on each day. You did such a great job of restyling the items, sometimes it was hard for me to tell!

  2. I second what Laura said! I'd have to say my fave is the third from the last one, though, that dress is just too pretty!

  3. I love your recap here, it was such a fun challenge :)

  4. You did a great job with the challenge. It is interesting to go from TOPIO to freedom. I think we need a new challenge.

  5. I love this recap. You did an awesome job with it and really showed the versatility of the pieces!

  6. 8 and 10 are perfect! Great photos!

  7. This is so much fun - I'm not sure I would be good at the TOPIO challenge, but perhaps I need to try it out. I don't like wearing things two days in a row usually, because I don't like being seen in a similar outfit by the same people. However, with my funky schedule right now, that hardly would happen at all. Maybe I will give this a try soon!!