Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Shopping

November - Outlets

November's shopping story is a two-parter.  Part one involves a trip to the outlet mall that just opened near me.  I decided to let myself go overboard because I had $200 of birthday money that I added in to my clothing budget.  Normally, I still follow my cheap shopping rules with gift cards or gift money, but I decided that the whole point of gifts is that they are for things I wouldn't normally get to buy, so here's the breakdown of my birthday/outlet shopping: 

Kate Spade bow earrings: $14 (originally $48)
F21 Love bracelet: $2 - mine is a script font, but isn't online
*F21 Gold chain necklace: $11 (worn here)

*Gap midrise Skinny Jeans (similar option): $30  (originally $60) (worn here)

*J.Crew Factory Camel Cardigan (similar option): $24  (originally $80) (worn here)
*J.Crew Factory Polka dot popover: $31 (originally $65) (worn here)
J.Crew Factory printed button-up shirt: $16 (originally $65)
*J.Crew Factory Sylvia wedges black: $59 (originally $120) - I had to re-order a different size, so these may go back if they don't fit

OUTLET TOTAL: $187 (originally $649)

So, I guess I still followed my cheap shopping, because I paid about 30% of original prices, but I just got more things than I normally would have.  Happy Birthday to me!  

November - black friday

Part two is Black Friday.  I wasn't going to go shopping, but then I just popped out for a little bit yesterday evening.  There were a couple things at Old Navy that I wanted to check out, and I wanted to stop in DSW to see if they had a sale on the brown version of my black boots.  Well, Old Navy had some really good deals on some things I'd been wanting.  And then DSW didn't have a deal, but I went ahead and got the boots, because I love the black ones, and I really need a replacement pair of cognac boots for this winter, and I've tried on a lot of other options that are NOT comfortable.  Here's the breakdown: 

*Old Navy red cardigan:  $10 (originally $25)
*Old Navy cobalt skirt:  $10 (originally $20)
Old Navy cobalt pumps:  $12 (originally $30)
*Old Navy gray/silver flats:  $12 (originally $27)
Old Navy tights (3 pair - brown, gray, tan): $4 each (originally $10 each)

*Steve Madden Kambyy Boots: $95 (originally $115)

BLACK FRIDAY TOTAL:  $151 (originally $247)

November TOTAL:  $338 (originally $896)
Birthday Money: $200
Earned Selling Consignment: $41.12
Total out of clothing budget: $96.88

While I did spend a lot more than I'm used to spending, once I add in my birthday money and consignment earnings, I was actually just under budget for the month. And I'm still significantly under budget for the year. 

Another interesting/funny thing to note is that this is the 3rd month in a row where I've gotten 4 new pairs of shoes.  I hadn't bought new shoes in awhile, so I think it was time to upgrade some of my basics, and get some more modern "fun" options.  I think I've gotten rid of more than I've bought, so I still have space on the shoe shelf.  And I probably shouldn't buy shoes for awhile!  Plus, I need to make a Christmas list and then not buy anything until after gifts are exchanged! 

How'd you do this month?  Did you get caught up in the Black Friday sales?  Go link up with Fran and the other Budgeting Bloggers

* - items from my wardrobe wishlist


  1. Well you're right, birthday money should definitely go towards things you wouldn't normally spend your own money on. You got a lot of great stuff! I don't usually buy much of anything for myself in December because I know that people are buying me gifts. It's always weird when you get to place where you are like, "hm I don't think I need anymore shoes" and genuinely mean it!

  2. I have a hard time letting myself spend go overboard when I am so used to looking for deals, too. I love all your items though, especially your printed shirt from JCrew. I love my Gap jeans like yours and they are just now starting to wear out like 4 years later! Good shopping month!

  3. Eek...I'm a little nervous to take a look at what my spending looked like for November. You found some really great finds last month though! Gap jeans are my favorite, and I have those silver Old Navy shoes and I wear them constantly!

    Jess - J's Style

  4. Holy smokes you got a lot of stuff at great prices! Black Friday didn't get me... out of sheer laziness on my part. Womp womp.

  5. I think it's a-ok to splurge on your birthday! It's pretty much the only time I allow myself to splurge clothes-wise. I love everything you got this month, Andi! I love love love those button down shirts from JCrew factory - and you really did get some great prices!

  6. Wow! I am so proud of you! You definitely spoiled yourself a bit! I love all the items you bought! I cant wait to see how you style them!

  7. Wow, you really did get some great deals this month, and it looks like everything you got will be very wearable for a long time - lots of classic pieces :)