Thursday, November 14, 2013

Leopard Loafers

Loafers generally aren't for me, but when I saw these leopard ones on Gap's website, I had to have them.  I wanted to try them on, so I was waiting for them to show up in stores, but never saw them, and then they were gone from the website.  I was pretty bummed, but then my sister came to the rescue and found a pair for me!  Sisters are good for so many reasons!  I've worn them quite a bit, but this is the first time they've made it into official blog photos. 

Tomorrow is link up day!  Brynn and I will both have the link up posted in the morning, so make sure you stop by and share your leopard looks!  (spoiler alert: my outfit features sequins AND leopard print.  It's pretty crazy!)

And just to be clear, my TOPIO item is the denim jacket.  I'm passing the belt along for tomorrow.

Scarf: Calvin Klein
Jacket: Izod
Dress: Ann Taylor
Belt & Shoes: Gap


  1. Glad your sister found the loafers for you. They are so comfortable! This is another great look and the denim jacket was a nice addition. Also, I love your curtains. Did you make them?

  2. Love them, at first glance I thought they were sequined, but it was just the pattern! They look really comfortable. I posted about my new leopard scarf today so I'll be able to link up with you guys tomorrow!

  3. Adorable loafers! Gap has some really cute shoes lately!

  4. Hi Andi! Sorry it's been a while since I've been over! My, you are certainly busy with a couple series running here! I totally want to participate in the link-up but I've been pretty hard-pressed to take pictures, with it being dark at 4:45 and all. Will the link-up be open for a week? Those loafers are fun and I also love those curtains, ha! I also love the idea of a TOPIO, so resourceful!

    perfectly priya

  5. I also love your curtains (and the shoes, obviously)!

  6. Loafers are a shoe I just can't do. I think it's the high vamp. But, I'm slowly working up to them. I figure as soon as they're no longer in style I'll procure a pair. Either loafers or smoking slippers.

  7. yeah for leopard! :) those shoes are so fun!

  8. I really like those loafers, Andi! I'm not typically a loafer-wearer (say that 10 times fast), but those are really cute. I like how you kept the rest of the outfit simple and let those lovely leopard loafers shine!