Monday, March 4, 2013

Take One, Pass It On Recap


The "Take One, Pass it On" challenge was just what I needed to get through the Winter style rut that tends to happen when it is cold and dreary almost every day!  Since I cheated improvised by passing items from week to week, I have 5 strings instead of one continuous string.  You will notice there are a lot of overlapping items from one path to another, but I never passed along the same item twice.

The best thing about the challenge was that I had to think about what I was going to wear before the morning when I was getting ready for work.  I am generally not a planner, but when there are rules, planning is necessary.  Most mornings, I stand in front of my closet and check the weather on my phone, and take forever to decide what to wear, and then put it on and maybe it isn't as cute as I thought it would be, so I change into something else, etc.  This is not efficient.  Spending 10 minutes the night before is a much better use of my time.


Special shout-out to Sarah for coming up with the idea, and Franziska for making me aware of it! 

Since I was focused on TOPIO in February, I'll be catching up on some book reviews this week, and then I will have to figure out how to dress myself without rules in place! 


  1. This was fun to see your re-cap. The TOPIO is definitely a challenge that I would consider, but it still seems hard! Great job for sticking with it. Heather

  2. Such cute outfits! Love the recap too. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the fun styling!

  3. You did a great job with the TOPIO challenge!

  4. I agree with this entire post. At the end of January, I had a major case of the blogging blues. TOPIO definitely got me out of the rut, and now I'm excited for my March challenge. Have fun reading :)

  5. I'm so glad you participated! I think it was a lot of fun to see how everyone rewore their clothes. I really need to start planning my outfits a bit more instead of just...doing whatever.