Sunday, March 24, 2013

Preserve the Rhyme

Attempt #2 on the awkward dress involves layering it under another dress.  I am a fan, but I had to add green tights, because I felt a little too dark.  You will notice it snowed again, so I'm still wearing boots, unfortunately. 

I have a complaint to lodge with Contemporary Christian artists, and I don't think there's a formal complaint lodging process, so I'll just blog about it.  See, I like old hymns, and I generally like it when someone records a more modern version, as long as they don't change it up too much (or add a terrible praise chorus in the middle for no reason).  On the radio today, I heard one of my favorite hymns, but the artist had updated all the thee/thou/thy language to be you/your.  Okay, I understand the reasoning behind this, because nobody says "thou" anymore - BUT this song rhymes, and when you change "thee" to "you", it doesn't rhyme anymore.  It just sounds weird, and I'm pretty sure anyone who is listening can figure out what "thou" means.  

Polka Dot Dress: Old Navy
Wrap Dress: Target
Belt: Limited
Tights: American Apparel
Boots: BareTraps


  1. Woohoo! Colorful tights! I'm all for a good pair of colored tights :) I'm sorry it snowed again (BOOOO), but perhaps it will be short lived?!

  2. OMG. I have that same polka dot dress from Old Navy and haven't figured out a good way to wear it yet. I love how it looks layered under the black dress though, I may have to try something similar myself. And the colorful tights are great!

  3. That's bizarre that they think they can change the lyrics and forgo the rhyme. No way! I actually got caught off guard when I moved and visited a church that changed the lyric in "How He Loves Us" from "so heaven meets earth like a sloppy, wet kiss" to "so heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss" -- and that's not even a rhyme! But the point is you get used to something and then they go and pull the rug from under you. Not cool.

    What is cool is the way you layered two dresses! I never would have thought of that, but now I can't wait for warmer weather to get here so I can give it a go :)