Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways - Red Pants

When I think about pants, I don't usually include jeans, so I very rarely wear "pants."  For the purposes of the 5 days, 5 ways project, my jeans get to be pants.  Otherwise, I would have to skip this day.  I got these a few days after Christmas, and I have worn them quite a bit.  I am looking forward to some warmer weather looks, once spring arrives:

Here are my 5 ways:


And now for a nostalgic story about red jeans from 10+ years ago:  
Many years ago, I bought a pair of red jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch.  I think I was a junior in high school, and we were doing a college visit at KU.  After lunch, we got to wander around Lawrence for a bit, and I was very excited about my red jeans.  I think my friends thought I was weird, because colorful pants weren't really common at that point.  I loved those jeans, but then a wardrobe catastrophe struck.  Someone in my house was going to run a load of whites, and added bleach to the washer, but then promptly forgot about it.  Then I decided to run a load of all my dark clothes, not knowing about the bleach.  Needless to say, most of my clothes were ruined, including the jeans.  About a year later, I was visiting my sister in Illinois and I found the exact same red jeans at the Abercrombie Outlet.  Score!  Unfortunately, they didn't fit quite the same as the originals, but I still liked them.  I should really dig through my old photos and find evidence of these jeans.  Maybe I will have to bring back "Throwback Thursday" one of these days. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Limited
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Born


  1. Red jeans are definitely a favorite in my closet. They go with everything! I have a similar story but mine were purple jeans in jr. high. I loved those things and someone ruined them in the wash. Heather

  2. I love your red jeans! I've been wanting a great pair for over a year, but haven't found something flattering in my price range. I love all your looks!

  3. I really like these jeans too, so sad your first pair got ruined. :( I'm super jealousy of how cute the car sweater looks on you. I was so excited when I saw it at the limited but it did NOT fit me right. Bummer.

  4. I love love love the red jeans!
    I've recently stepped out of my shell and have begun wearing colored bottoms. Red jeans are definately on my shopping list :)

    You Rock Them!!!

  5. The outfit with the car sweater is really cute! I chose my red pants for today's 5D5W too - I think they're super fun and versatile.

  6. I think you got all the bases covered for styling red pants. The only other way I'd style these pants is with navy. You should really consider wearing that red sweater more often! It's so fun and unique!

  7. I need a new pair of red cropped pants in my life! Love these looks :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  8. I love that you put your red pants with pink/magenta, too! The day I did that I got a lot of weird looks but I didn't care.