Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Review - Gone Girl

I read this book at the end of January.  I sort of feel like I am the last person to read it, because it has been so hyped since it came out.  The plot revolves around a couple who has their issues, and then the wife disappears on their 5th anniversary, and all the suspicion/drama that follows.  It was a very interesting book!  It reminded me of all the news stories about women who disappear, and how everyone always blames the husband, but there usually isn't sufficient evidence. 

There are twists and turns that I don't need to go into, but I wasn't super surprised until the very end.  Spoiler alert: (I  really thought Nick would somehow outsmart Amy, and she would end up in jail, or at the very least a mental institution.)

Crazy confession:  I was only a few chapters into the book, where I still sort of liked Nick and Amy, and was worried about what would happen to them, when I had a real-life freak out.  I already have a problem of jumping to the worst possible conclusion if John doesn't answer when I call him.  (I mean, obviously he has been in a horrible accident, or else he would be answering!)  Reading a book about a missing person did not help my paranoia!  Long story short, John was "missing" for about 4 hours and I had no idea what to do!   I had finally decided to go drive around looking for him (like that would be useful) when he called.  He had forgotten to tell me about a meeting he had after work, and he had forgotten his cell phone in the car, so he didn't know I was calling every 10 minutes.  He felt pretty bad, and I felt pretty crazy. I probably shouldn't read thrillers.

So, have you read Gone Girl?  What did you think?  


  1. That sounds really interesting. I haven't read it before.

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  2. I read this book and I "liked" it as in I was very captivated and def. intrigued till the very end - it's just that ..I kind of hated Nick AND Amy by the very end and it sort of conflicted me. I usually want to root for at least ONE character or be on ONE character's side - and I just thought they were both insane. I would def. recommend the book, so I guess I liked it - it just left me..unsatisfied in the end.