Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Hair, Chambray, and Fake Spring

A few weeks ago, I switched to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and I have noticed that my hair seems less frizzy.  Then last week, I tried the new Pantene "No Crunch Curls Whip", after using only this mousse for about 10 years.  I liked how it made my curls softer, and I don't even mind how much fluffier/larger my hair is, but the tangles are out of control.  I had some giant knots in my hair that did not want to untangle.  I'm not sure if I can put up with that.  I did get a few compliments from strangers on this big hair day.

I also have to share a recent conversation with my husband, about the ever-popular chambray shirt:
  • J:  You are wearing a jean shirt, aren't those out of style?
  • A:  Yeah, but this is a "Chambray" shirt, totally different.
  • J:  So, fashion bloggers were embarrassed that they liked Jean shirts again, so they are just calling it    something different?
  • A:  Ummmm.... yeah, I guess so.    
Friday was also a gloriously warm day, and I was very excited to let my knees out to play.  Fake spring has come and gone, and we are supposed to get more snow this week.  Come on, real spring!  You can show up any time!

And finally, since everyone is talking about the coming death of Google Reader (and probably GFC), don't forget to follow me on BlogLovin!  

Jean shirt: J.Crew factory
Cardigan & Skirt: Gap
Boots: Rampage


  1. That's funny about your husband asking about jean shirts. I don't think my husband would even know what's out of style or in style to even ask that question, lol!

    Cute bright pink skirt too :) Heather

  2. I love Suave's detangling spray (for kids). I'm not sure if it works for curly hair, but it sure does for straight hair. I just spray a bit before doing anything else to my hair, and then I can apply product.

    Can I just say how unexcited I am to move to Bloglovin? I'm really not one for big changes.

  3. I love the conversation with your husband! Mine makes astute observations like that all the time. ;)
    Also, Great hair and skirt AND I already follow you on bloglovin'! What else you got?