Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#23 - Kansas Day


Happy Kansas Day, everyone!  I may live in Nebraska now, but I am a Kansas girl at heart, so I like to be obnoxious and celebrate Kansas things.  Here are some tips on how you can celebrate my home state's birthday!
  • Make sure to sing "Home on the Range" as often as possible throughout the day. 
  • Dress up like a prairie girl - don't forget the bonnet! (this definitely happened in elementary school, but I didn't have a prairie dress or bonnet, so I was always the prairie tomboy, in jeans and plaid)
  • Create a tornado in a bottle
  • Watch the Wizard of Oz.  And then NEVER EVER say "You're not in Kansas anymore" to a Kansan who is out of state. 
  • If you are more into sports, watch the Jayhawks play basketball.  Rock Chalk!
  • For dinner, enjoy a buffalo burger, some sunflower seeds, and anything made of wheat.  That's pretty much what Kansas is known for, right?  Amber waves of grain! 
For the record, I probably won't do any of these things, except eating something made of wheat.  And I might sing the state song a little bit.      

Shirt, Cardigan, Jeans: Gap
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. I learned something new from this post! That you call someone from Kansas a "Kansan," hmm I definitely would have never known that. I love this outfit too, totally something I would wear!

  2. Thats so funny! I didn't know there was a Kansas Day. I think every state should get it's own day and have celebrations in schools! :)

  3. I'll sing Home on the Range with you! ;)

  4. You would think more people would be talking about this day! Also, your outfit really makes me want a black shirt with white stripes!

  5. But what about K-State?! :) Just kidding...happy Kansas Day! Love that you mixed stripes and florals.

    Jess - J's Style

  6. Well that was more Kansas trivia than I've ever heard!! Love the combo of the floral scarf + cardi! And I just bought the same shoes at Old Navy in the royal blue, love them!!

    perfectly Priya

  7. I too didn't know that Kansas people were called Kansans. Interesting. Loving the combo of B+W Stripes, Pastel Florals and Hot Pink.

  8. Ah! I didn't know that people from Kansas were called Kansans either! Happy birthday, Kansas! :)