Saturday, January 11, 2014

#8 - Layers

Saturday outfit posts might be necessary so the 30X30 doesn't drag out to far into February posts.  This is my first attempt wearing this dress as a skirt.  The outfit didn't turn out quite as cute as I imagined it. 

Anyway, it was a crazy first week back after the holidays.  Too much stuff to get done and not enough time (at work or at home!).  I'm hoping to have a very productive Saturday, but I'll probably end up wasting the day sleeping and/or reading.  You know, important stuff! 

Dress (as a skirt) and Cardigan: Gap
Shirt: J.Crew Factory
Fleece Leggings: TJ Maxx
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. I actually think this looks really cute. This dress as a skirt works! Happy weekend!

  2. Sleeping and reading is very important! :) If you wouldn't have said anything, I don't know think I would've realized that's not a skirt! I have some catching up to do on the 30x30, so I'm thinking about posting both the outfit I wore to work yesterday and the one I wore out for a friends' birthday to make up for the two days I spent in pajamas when I didn't have to go to work because of the weather this week!

    Jess - J's Style

  3. It looks cute as a skirt! I like the color and pattern it adds to the outfit!

  4. I think it looks really cute! I'd love to follow each other!

  5. Love how you turned this dress into a skirt. I really like skirts with a wavy bottom like that. And your Chambray Shirt is awesome.