Saturday, January 18, 2014

#14 - Hey Bear!

When we went to Montana/Canada for vacation last summer, one big concern was the potential to meet a bear while we were hiking.  Since I was traveling with responsible guys, we had bear spray, and we made sure to shout bear calls every so often.  My favorite was "HEY BEAR!"  There were no close bear encounters, which proves that yelling "HEY BEAR" is a very good idea.  There's some free advice for your Saturday.

This rounds out my "Blackout" week.  I'll be wearing my black items again next week.  Make sure you go check out Nicole's blog to see other bloggers who are participating!

Sweatshirt, Jeans, Shoes: Old Navy
*I try not to wear all one brand, but it happens sometimes! 


  1. Haha Old Navy is always the one I wind up accidentally wearing all of one brand. I love the bear with your red jeans. I'll keep your bear advice in mind =)

  2. I hope that when you saw this sweatshirt, you exclaimed, "HEY, BEAR!"

    When I was in high school, I went to my grandparents' house by the lake. We were about to take the trek down the path (which bears sometimes frequented), and my Mom Mom said that if we saw a bear, we needed to put our hands in front of us and say, "NO!" My Pop Pop asked, "What if it's a Spanish bear?"

    "It's still no,'s still no."

    I had no idea that they made bear spray! Oh, and Inge's right. The bear looks great with your red jeans.

  3. Thanks for taking on Black Out Style last week! I enjoyed your outfits and am impressed you managed to fit it within your 30/30! Don't forget to check back at the end of the month to see if your name is drawn for that fab white fox pendant! You could even wear it with your bear sweater just to be cheeky!

  4. I love this love this combo, you look so cute! I'd die if I actually saw a bear!

  5. I LOVE the outfit!! I never would have thought to put this sweatshirt with the red jeans, but I love how it looks together. Also, your hair looks super cute like this as well :)

  6. I have definitely had this same thing happen, and with Old Navy. I just love it, almost an embarrassing amount. Also- I love your hair like that :)

    perfectly Priya