Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Official 30X30 List

Since I sort of decided to do the 30X30 at the last minute, I didn't have my items all decided and finalized.  I have that mostly done now, so here's the official list of my 30 items (some are "close enough" representations to what is actually in my closet):

It basically comes down to 4 categories:


  • Chambray popover
  • Polka dot popover
  • Gray printed button-up shirt
  • Black/white striped tee
  • Black v-neck sweater
  • Cream v-neck sweater (mine is lighter)
  • Corvette sweater
  • Polar bear sweatshirt

30X30 layers

  • Black boyfriend cardigan
  • Polka dot cardigan (mine doesn't have the black trim)
  • Camel boyfriend cardigan
  • Red cardigan
  • Cobalt boyfriend cardigan
  • Pink boyfriend cardigan

30X30 skirts, dresses, jeans

  • Black/white striped pencil skirt
  • Gold skirt (this was the closest option)
  • Red pencil skirt
  • Black Pencil skirt
  • Black dress
  • Denim skinny jeans
  • Red skinny jeans
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Pink/White striped dress

30x30 shoesShoes:

  • Black wedges
  • Gray cap-toe flats
  • Gray boots
  • Cognac boots
  • Black boots
If you are keeping score, that's only 28 items.  I'm leaving 2 spots open to add things as I go, but I mostly just couldn't think of what else I might need.  Probably more colorful items - that's a lot of neutrals!  I'm kind of surprised that I have 3 red items.  It used to be my favorite color, and then I got tired of it, and haven't worn much red in the last 10 or so years.  Maybe it's making a comeback?!  

NOTE - this obviously doesn't include socks/underthings (including camisoles).  I'm also allowed to accessorize with any scarves, belts, and jewelry.  I debated including my outerwear, but this time of year, it's not really an option - I just have to wear my big winter coat most days.  If the temps move into the above-freezing range (not likely), I will wear different coats.  If they end up being "outfit" completers, I'll use my bonus slots accordingly.  

If you want to jump in, go check out the link up on AJ Wears Clothes on Fridays!

UPDATE - Item #29 is my new black moto jacket.  


  1. I really love that polka dot cardigan! And these items all look pretty remixable (so funny that my autocorrect really hates that word.) What a good idea to leave two bonus slots. I've never heard of anyone doing that, and I think it's quite genius :)

    Little Bit of WoWe

  2. LOTS OF STRIPES AND DOTS! A girl after my own heart!

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I sense maybe some pattern mixing may be going on with your choices. Great choices!

  4. So excited you're doing this! Great choices on the items. I didn't pick 30 items either - I decided on 29 items, and decided to throw in the last item whenever I want during the challenge.

    Jess - J's Style

  5. this is really on my blogging to-do list, i'm mostly worried I won't be able to take pictures everyday and I will end up way behind! this is a good reference for if I do, though! your outfits look great so far. I think it's also wise to leave room to add 2, may I make a suggestion? a pair of colorful shoes! all of your shoes are neutrals (which will go far, no doubt) but a colorful shoe might be a fun/inspiring addition. just a thought.

    perfectly priya

    1. I like that idea! I thought about including my new blue pumps in the mix, but I'm worried it will be too cold/snowy to wear them in January. I suspect I will be wearing my boots most days of this challenge.

      You could always do a smaller version, like 10X10 or something. Then it wouldn't take as long!

    2. I absolutely have my eye on some fun blue pumps! I've seen them on a few bloggers and they look surprisingly versatile. Considering the weather you're having, I would say boots are a much safer decision!

      I really would like to try a challenge like this. 10 x 10 is not a bad idea!!

      perfectly priya

  6. Seeing your 30x30 pieces, you could totally manage a week or more of no black!! Have you ever checked out Outfit Posts' One Suitcase series? That is great inspiration for mixing and stretching pieces!

  7. I really love all the pieces you chose - I'm glad you have so many pops of red and pink! You are always so creative with how you put outfits together, so I'm hoping to get some good inspiration from you again! :)

  8. All amazing items you chose, especially your Tops. You have some great pop-overs and cardigans. I also love anything Polka Dots & Stripes. And girl Red is My Most Favorite Color. I will happily enjoy reading how this challenge pans out for you. I am sure you will ace it. ;-)

    For the 2 additional items I would chose some Red Pumps and something Green or Yellow.