Monday, February 3, 2014

#28 - Pretty or Stupid?

When John is playing photographer, I can never tell if the pictures are good, or if I'm making strange faces or awkward movements.  On this particular day, I said "Do I look pretty or stupid?"  He replied "yes."  I'm going to assume he didn't hear the second half of the question.

Cardigan & Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Gap
Necklace: Bass
Tights: Target
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. Ha! Typical, really.. that would be my husband, for sure!

    For the record - I say pretty! Love the pop of color with the red cardigan :D

  2. Haha that's how I feel when Jim takes my pictures too. I usually have him stop so I can look at the pictures so far and see if we need more. Oh, and you definitely look pretty!

  3. Haha! I always have to double check the pictures because my husband doesn't notice if my hair is doing something weird or if anything needs adjustment!

  4. I think the "yes" is better than "stop moving so much. hold still. why are you looking at the ground?" Hopefully John didn't think you asked "Do I look pretty stupid?" haha

  5. darling look! love the stripe top with the red! super cute!

  6. HAHA. Aaaand this is why I enlisted my Mom's help instead of my husband's. First, his attention span lasts all of six seconds. Second, he can't take a detail shot to save his life. Third, he is absolutely unamused by the entire process. Mom actually stops to show me pictures and gives me some directions (even if I can never get my hands to be anything other than awkward.)

    You definitely look pretty! :)

    Little Bit of WoWe

  7. love the little story behind this. Hunter likes my simplest outfits best, so when I'm pattern mixing/layering he says "seems like you're just wearing a lot of clothing" HA

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  8. Hahahahaha, pretty or stupid! I think I've said those same things. Most mornings, I walk into the living room and ask Kevin if I look cute in my outfit, and 90% of the time he responds, "Yes!" without even looking at me. What a dink. For the record, you look very pretty in this!!