Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Week - Red Jeans

It's the first day of VALENTINE'S WEEK and I'm kicking it off with a little red and pink combination.  I'm so excited to have 5 lovely co-hosts for this theme week!  Make sure you go check out Laura, Kate, Inge, Brynn,  and Danielle to see how they are styling red and/or pink this week.  (And you can link up your own posts any day this week!) 


Now I have tried to rock red and pink in the past, and it ended up in the 2013 Hall of Shame.  In that outfit, I went all in, and it was too much, but that's how fashion goes sometime.  So, today I'm going for a smaller scale.  It's possible I will get more adventurous as the week progresses, but for today, just a pale pink necklace with my red jeans.

Here's a free piece of advice - when you are wearing a light-colored wool sweater, and a dark colored blazer, by the end of the day, it will look like you were snuggling with a polar bear.  So maybe throw a lint roller into your purse!    

Sweater: Gap
Blazer & Necklace: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. I just love how you style your colored jeans! Since I saw your green ones I am on a search now! I love the necklace you paired with this outfit to make it more Valentine-y!

  2. Every woman needs some Red Jeans. You are rocking yours. Great necklace too.

    Also the link-up is a nice little surprise, =)

  3. What a fun link up with all my favorite ladies! I will definitely have to link up later this week. Loving the red, gray and black combo!

  4. Dang! Those jeans are great. I have had red skinny jeans on and off my wish list for 2-3 years, but have never been able to find the right pair...but yours are fantastic!

  5. Oooh I really like those read jeans! So pretty!

    And I agree with the lint roller trick - I wore something really similar to work last week and I looked like a shedding animal at the end of the day! I keep a lint roller in my desk :)

  6. Love the simple pairing of red & pink...I have the red pants, but not a pink necklace to re-create this! I'd love to participate in your link-up one day! I'll have to see if I can pull myself together and take some pictures this week. My camera has been acting funny and I ordered a new lens, just waiting for it to come in the mail!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  7. These jeans are great, and I love the little pop of pink! Wool sweaters in general are tough on the other clothes you are wearing, no matter the color!

  8. I love the pink necklace with the red jeans! Those jeans look great on you too!

  9. Snuggling with a polar bear. Bahahahaha.

    I wore my red pants today, too, twin :)

  10. I love that you have a Hall of Shame. I should do that once I hit my year blogging mark. I like the colors in this outfit! I think I'll have to break out my red pants tomorrow after seeing you and Danielle wear them today!
    Exploring My Style

  11. I like the jeans so much. Red jeans looks lovely on you. Awesome Outfit. Thanks for sharing.

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