Friday, October 31, 2014

Birthday Recap

My birthday was a week ago, so I guess it's about time that I wrote up a recap of what I did, huh?  Well, here it goes:

I had a meeting at work in the morning that I couldn't really skip, so I went in for a couple hours.  Then I met John for a quick lunch at Which Wich (my favorite!) before heading to the salon/spa for a pedicure and massage.  Best decision ever!  I was so relaxed afterwards. Seriously, I want to get a massage every day.  I should at least do it more than once a year!

I heard a rumor that Gap was having an additional 50% off all sale, so I stopped in really quick and picked up a few things, and then ran home to get changed for dinner.  Then I picked up John from work and we headed downtown to meet his family for birthday dinner!  There's a restaurant with the most delicious smoked gouda mac and cheese, and we never go there, because it's kind of annoying to deal with parking downtown.  But for my birthday, we made an exception.  Dinner was excellent, and then we went over to their house for presents, dessert, and a quick game of Dutch Blitz.  As usual, I was sufficiently spoiled.

The other fun part of the day was just getting random calls and texts from friends and family.  It just made me smile all day long!

And I completely forgot to take any pictures the whole day!  Because I'm the best blogger ever.  Oh wait, opposite.  But as I've said before when I forget to take pictures of big events, sometimes it's important to just enjoy the day without trying to document everything.  I did wear a really cute outfit for dinner, so I'll have to repeat it and take pictures before it gets too cold! 

On Saturday/Sunday, John and I took a little road trip, and I did actually take pictures throughout the day, so I'll have to sort through those and write up a little recap on that soon as well.

Oh, and Happy Halloween, I guess.  I'll probably just pretend to not be home this evening, because I'm a Halloween Grinch.  So stay safe and have fun if you are out and about.  Or I guess stay safe and have fun even if you aren't out and about.

**This outfit is almost an exact replication of what I wore for John's birthday, which I also failed to take pictures of.  Seemed fitting to put it on my birthday recap with no relevant photos, right!  Plus, I was having a really good hair day in these pics. 

Cardigan: JCF (similar)
Top: Gap Factory (option, option, option)
Necklace: Old Navy (similar)
Skirt: Target (similar,similar)
Shoes: Target (flat version)


  1. Haha, Halloween grinch here too. Sounds like a great birthday - way to treat yourself! Massage and (mostly) not going to work sounds like the perfect day :)

  2. Happy belated birthday, my friend! You looked cute to boot! I think I'm going to have to copy your idea and get a massage on my birthday next year...good idea!

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only Halloween Grinch out there :) One of my students asked me recently if they get extra credit for dressing up. Umm... no. I wanted to offer extra credit for not dressing up but bringing candy. I like candy. haha. And so starts the dreaded marathon of trying to avoid holiday treats.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday. I haven't had fancy mac and cheese in so long... or maybe ever? It sounds delicious.

  4. Glad you had a nice birthday. Happy Halloween and Have a great weekend.

  5. oh, my birthday is next week and i am so excited to use all of the freebies i've been getting in my email... i think my sister and i are going to which wich today to get our free sandwich :) glad you had a good birthday, andi! and i am a halloween grinch right along with you, ugh, i'm surprised i could even make myself wear something orange to work yesterday. my sister and i went out to dinner and then killed time in target to avoid any potential trick or treaters.

  6. Which Wich, that's creative. I like that name. Bravo to the person who came up with it. And smoked gouda mac and cheese? Whoever heard of such a thing!? All of this sounds like delicious cuisine I cannot consume. Ho hum. Your outfit reminds me how much I love cobalt and camel together. They're such a lovely pairing.

  7. Oh my gosh, I love me some Which Wich!!! Your birthday sounds so perfect - a little bit of "you" time, good food, games, family time, shopping...what more could you have wanted?? ;) I'm a bit of a Halloween Scrooge as well. Kevin was SO excited for trick-or-treaters to come, but we had ZERO kiddos show up. He was really sad about it, but I didn't mind - I stayed on the couch under a blanket watching Parks & Rec and Portlandia. Hahaha.

  8. I am shocked that I didn't comment on your last graphic tee week post and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated, now.) Sounds like a long, fun, day full of your favorite things. This seems to be the winning strategy for an adult birthday, when you no-longer have a fun silly party to look forward to. Though, sounds like you did have a kinda party! Anyway. Cheers to you! HBD!

    ♥ perfectly Priya