Thursday, October 23, 2014

Graphic Tee Week: Weezer

Another band t-shirt, but I couldn't help myself.  These are absolutely my favorite tees.  It seems like band merchandise has gotten nicer over the years.  My recent concert tees are all super soft cotton, so I love them.  And I mean, this one features a robot in an argyle sweater playing a drum.  What more could you want from a t-shirt??  Maybe a blogger whose hair doesn't cover half of the design?

I went the more casual route with this outfit.  This probably wouldn't fly at most offices, but as I've mentioned before - mine is super casual, unless we have clients visiting, which is pretty rare.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the grand finale of Graphic Tee week, which also happens to be my 30th birthday!  (send presents)

Tee: concert souvenir (exact)
Jacket: Target (similar)
Jeans: Gap factory (similar)
Shoes: Old Navy (similar without captoe)


  1. Another super cute graphic tee! All week I've been wishing I could join in, but there haven't been any magical appearances of graphic tees in my closet yet. sigh.

  2. Lol at your hair covering half the design - that's usually my problem too (though my hair isn't quite as long as yours). Love this outfit too though. Great jacket! Sounds like you have an awesome workplace. Linked up today!

  3. You know, in some cultures the birthday girl gives presents to other people. So you should definitely gift me your jacket :) but seriously, I hope tomorrow is awesome for you.

  4. I have that same problem with my hair. That why I wear my hair up most of the time.

  5. If I'm paying that much for a concert tee, it better be awesome! The last concert I went to, which was years ago now, I paid $40 for the tee I got. I love it. Still wear it, and it's super soft, but man the price we pay for band tees. lol.

  6. I love Weezer! Just saw them in April. Been checking out the new album too, just getting used to it.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. Ahh love the Weezer tee! The lines for merchandise at their concert this summer were ridiculous, and I figured I'd rather listen to the music!

  8. WEEEEZER! I used to be a huuuge Weezer fan :) And that tee is awesome. Concert tees really are super soft these days, aren't they?! I wish I still had my Barenaked Ladies concert tees - they were so soft and cozy!