Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blazer Week - Tweedy

Next up is my most expensive and neglected blazer.  This one came with my "grown-up" suit that I bought in a panic in May and I've worn it exactly once since then.  Not cool, Andi.  I specifically bought a suit that I thought could work as separates, but I haven't followed my plan at all.  Blazer Week was a good excuse to wear this one.

Since it's my fanciest blazer, I wanted to dress it down with jeans.  Then I stole this entire outfit from my list of ideas to wear with my black moto jacket and paired it with my ladylike blazer instead.  I think it works.  It seemed like something a 30 year old should wear.  Which I apparently am now.

I also think these shoes work perfectly for Royal Blue day with Marisa and Heidi.

Link up with your blazer looks below!

Blazer: Le Suit (similar)
Scarf: H&M (similar)
Top: Gap (exact)
Jeans: Gap Factory (similar)
Shoes: Old Navy (similar, similar)


  1. This outfit turned out so well! I love how the tweed looks with the floral and stripes! I always forget about wearing my suit too. They are handy to have when you need them though!

  2. I also bought my interview suit with the intention to wear it as separates. You want to know how many times I've done that? ZERO! Haha. Oops. Although I'm slightly concerned that I'll need it for an interview again someday and that I might ruin one of the pieces if I wear them frequently. So I'm ok with it :)

  3. How clever to pair your fanciest blazer with jeans! I really like this all. Tweed, stripes, cobalt for the win?

    1. * for the win!! (I don't know why that came out a question mark. It should be an exclamation mark. I think?)

  4. I love the blazer! It looks awesome with jeans - definitely professional but trendy. I actually bought a terrible suit a few years ago for an interview and I have worn it zero times since then. I should have known :(

  5. Gorgeous! I love the pop of color in the shoes and how you toned down the dressy blazer. I hope you find ways to wear this blazer because it's really great! I never wear my interview blazer either :/

  6. I LOVE! The tweed is definitely worth separating from the suit and wearing alone. I love the texture on that blazer. It looks very well made too.

  7. This outfit totally works, I love it! Why do you think you wear this blazer less? Is it the fit or fabric, or something else? It looks great to me!

  8. Ooh, I really like this, Andi! You look great in that blazer, and I love the dressed up + dressed down look :)