Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Currently

It's time for the Currently link up with In Residence and Dearest Love!  Hopefully I do better than last time...

Reading: Since November is here, I'm starting on my Winter reading challenge books. I finished The Storied Life of AJ Fikry in about 2 days, so now I'm reading The Eyre Affair.

Wishlisting: Christmas is coming, and my birthday just passed!  So I'm trying to keep my wishlist updated, because people are always asking for present ideas.  My current big ticket wishlist items are a new seatbelt bag, some opal earrings, and perhaps a fitness tracker (but I can't decide on a Fitbit vs a Garmin Vivofit - any advice?).

Loving: well, this is embarrassing, but I'm loving my birthday present from John.  We are only about 8 years behind the times, but I've always wanted a Wii, so he surprised me with one this year.  I currently just have MarioKart and Just Dance, so what other games should I get?

Appreciating: my part-time schedule.  I hated the days in past winters when I would leave the house when it was dark and get home when it's dark.  At least with my reduced schedule, I have a better chance of seeing the sunshine.

Creating: well, as I type this, I'm trying to create some dinner.  New recipes are always a gamble for me, so hopefully it turns out like it is supposed to.

Jacket: Old Navy (similar)
Shirt: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: Old Navy (optionoption)


  1. Yay for your part time schedule! I hope it is really helping you! I really liek the navy and camo together, but of course I like navy with everything! ;) And thanks for the reminder to start my wishlist, too!

  2. Haha I love that you got a Wii! I have always wanted one, so you are definitely not behind the times! And that part-time schedule sounds SO nice. I would love to figure out something like that once the baby arrives - and it really would be so awesome in the winter!

  3. Those opal earrings are gorgeous! I hope you get them! And I've been making lots of recipes from the Budget Bytes blog lately and I've loved them all!

  4. I like the Garmin Vivofit. The reason I like it is b/c you don't have to charge it. The are both nice fitness trackers. I have use both of them.

    Here same review on the fitbit and vivofit that my husband wrote up.



  5. My #1 guilty pleasure is karaoke, so I'd tell you to get some version of Sing It. I have Disney Pop Hits and Family Hits. Family Hits is definitely my favorite. But I haven't used the Wii for anything but Netflix since last Christmas. (I blame it on being so busy.) The Seat Belt bags are really neat, but I think the Garmin trackers are so cool.

  6. How did you like AJ Fikary? One of my favorite books this year! And the Eyre Affair series is fun. And I never got past Just Dance on the Wii - so fun. Though I did love Wii Sports Resort too. There's an archery game on it that I got pretty darn good at once upon a time :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. Great wishlist! I would choose garmin... Just cause my gps geo tracker is that brand and its reliable! :)

  8. I am dreaming of a part time schedule! It would be so lovely to come home when the sun is still up. By the way, I love that outfit! The combination of the feminine dots with the camo is perfect. :) Thanks for linking up!

  9. Of all the games we had for the Wii, Mario Kart and all the Just Dances were my favorites!! I really liked GoldenEye, too...because I'm also a 15-year-old boy.

  10. I love this outfit/overall look (hair!!) on you! The Wii anecdote makes me like you more, honestly. I don't have a whole lot of experience there though, so no advice from me :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya