Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coral and Floral

I hadn't paired my current favorite skirt with coral yet, so I had to do it.  And you know I love mixing prints, so the stripes were also pretty much a given.  This was one of those outfits that probably just has too much going on for the average person, but I quite liked it.  And I am quite fondly looking back on those balmy fall days when I could get away with bare legs.  Don't worry, I'll run out of these type of outfit photos soon, and then I won't keep talking about it.

Cardigan: Gap (similar)
Tee: Gap (similar)
Skirt: Macy's (exact, Similar)
Shoes: Old Navy (optionoption)


  1. It looks amazing with stripes! Sometimes it's nice to look back and remember the weather actually can be nice! ;)

  2. the stripe look awesome with the flower.

  3. You do love mixing prints! I love coral and floral together. Sometimes I wonder whether their names intentionally rhyme. How many other colors and prints rhyme? Hm...

  4. Coral is the perfect color to match with your skirt!! I bet you could wear that skirt with anything huh?