Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Birds of Prey

Who wants to hear a funny/weird story?  My sister told me this, after seeing the crib mobile I made for the baby's room.

At Target, the cashier guy told my sister a fun fact about mobiles.  Babies aren't entertained by them.  They actually think that birds of prey are circling and will swoop down to eat them at any moment, so the baby's survival instinct kicks in and he will be quiet and still to avoid capture.  So yeah, it is pretty effective, but parents have no idea that their newborns are terrified.

I mean, what?  Extensive research (I googled it) shows that this is not true, but I think it's ridiculous that the Target guy was sharing crazy theories!  I assume actual doctors or researchers would have figured this out and no one would use mobiles if this were the case.  But no, random Target worker, you seem to be a super legit baby expert.

Anyway, there's a random story for your Tuesday!  (and a random outfit)

Cardigan: Gap
Tunic and Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Target


  1. I guess he felt he need to put his input in.


  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Birds of prey. Where do they come up with this stuff? What a character. Of course, every time you go to pick up baby, we all know what you'll be thinking if you happen to look directly at the mobile. Also, I am glad you got yourself the white maternity jeans! $17 well-spent.

  3. I've heard that mobiles aren't effective for a lot of kids. Now we know why! They aren't calmed at all by the mobile! But seriously, this was a great story, thanks for sharing. Also, you are really good at maternity shopping. I don't think there's been a maternity piece yet you've worn that I haven't liked. And finally, thanks for the reminder to wear my lavender cardigan.

  4. I agree with Kate--you have curated a great maternity wardrobe! We're thinking of starting a family soon, so I'll have to make note of your purchases for versatile maternity wear!

  5. WHAT?! That is ridiculous and creepy! I'm glad you researched that, hahaha.

    I like this random outfit! The color combo is great, and your lavender cardi is too cute.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. HAHAHA what?! Birds of prey?! I'm totally laughing right now! You always tell excellent stories, my dear. And I really like this whole outfit. I finally got a pair of white jeans and I am so excited to wear them (it's been really wet lately - not the best combo for white pants, ha!). I wish I have something lavender to wear with them like you've done here!