Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Update

Another weekend is gone, and I'm really starting to feel like time is flying by!  How about a quick weekend update?

Friday after work, John and I went out for dinner and a movie.  The weather was so gorgeous that we sat outside to eat!  I am so terribly excited for warm weather, I don't even care about being a blogging cliche!

On Saturday, I met up with a friend for lunch, and catching up on life.  Then I went to the outdoor mall and did a little shopping.  I didn't buy too much (more on that at the end of the month), but it was so pretty walking around in the sunshine!  And I may have purchased these shoes for the baby, because they were only $4 and I just couldn't help myself.  I was very brave and left behind a very cute baseball cap.

Saturday afternoon/evening, John and I put together the baby cage crib that recently arrived.  Okay, John did all of the assembly, but I helped hold things!  It's pretty cool to see the room coming together.

Sunday was church, lunch, home for a little bit, and then I went over to a friend's house for a few hours in the afternoon.  She's got a 5-month-old who is completely adorable.  So again, it's fun to think about having a little person soon, and sort of shocking how quickly they grow up and change!

Anyway, it was a fun weekend, but I didn't get much accomplished.  I'm quickly running out of weekends, so I guess I need to work on my task lists in the evenings.  Well, not this week.  I have plans almost every evening.  Maybe next weekend will be more productive?

Cardigan: H&M
Necklace: F21
Top: Kohl's Maternity
Jeans: H&M Maternity
Shoes: Target


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Don't fret about being too productive - once your little babe arrives all productivity will go right out the window... and you won't care a whit! Lol. You look fabulous and I love this leopard cardigan on you.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I agree, time is going by way too fast, but at least that means warm weather is here! Hopefully :)

  3. Hooray for a great weekend! You packed a ton of great things into just a few days :) How fun that you got to spend some time with your friend's baby! My BFF's son is 5 months old and it's been fun to see how he's grown and changed over the past months and see all the things he can do now! I can't wait to meet him in person in just a week and a half!! Babies are so great!

  4. I've found so much to do this week and it seems like as soon as I can cross one thing off the list, another three things get added to the list. Also, I really really really like this outfit. (three reallys trumps "love" in my book)

  5. Love the camo shoes for your baby!!!